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Birth Day: July 1, 1982
Born in Avon Lake, Ohio
Measurements: 34-24-33
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<lp|happy> Hmmm, the diamond district in NYC (owned entirely by jews) is worth more than mexico
<lp|happy> I win
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Messy! | - 11.28.2002
archived news - up
We need to decide if we're to make to move to now or later. This double-posting thing isn't going to work out.

I say is good enough soon anyway, so the move could be swift. Content can be added as we go, it's not like people come here for content anyway. Then place some notice on the index of this site that says we've moved so and so. And then Mike can do whatever the hell he wants with

We really should get hold of a stable database though... I'd offer to let you use mine, but it's MSSQL, and my bandwidth cap isn't all that great.

wm: eric is looking at changing a few things over there soon. the move should happen in a day or two, when he gets back from holidays.

Excuse Me | - 11.27.2002
archived news - up
Why isn't Tim on this list?. Maybe they should think what PC&C would have been like without him for a moment.

madness | - 11.27.2002
archived news - up
Well Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Since most lps are gone for the holiday, speedy is incharge, that means.. you guessed, it running around naked! We are also chaging the clan name to Speedy's crew; lets have a vote right now, oh no one but me, so i say yes, I win!

Next CAL-Im season should be starting mid-december or so, wish us luck. Im out for now, #clanlp to talk to me.

Edit: proudly de-mexicanized by lp.kane

Hmm | - 11.25.2002
archived news - up
Is it just me, or is the database at a bit unstable? It happens more often than I'd like that I get the message "PhpBB critical error: Can't connect to database". Refreshing sometimes helps, sometimes not... <-- sql host

beggars can't be choosers (at least till I convince the host to offer sql)


Life is quite good | - 11.25.2002
archived news - up
I'm back! Once more into the fold. To those of you who don't know me I've been kickin' it with the [lp] crew since the days of tumsun....all them days ago. But anyway. Life is good TheKiller. I got a lady, my band is finally clicking again and its been a good week. But now my english teacher is gonna kick my ass when I tell him I don't have my essay done...shit. Oh well...back to detention I guess... Later

At last - Life is Good | - 11.24.2002
archived news - up
TheKiller (1:15 AM) :
1) i go clubbing
2) shes there
3) I buy her drinks
4) I'm a nice guy
5) she has my number

Theres more - but i'll save that for another day ;)

Sorry Eric | - 11.23.2002
archived news - up
I've decided I don't like eric's new layout, so I made new one.

Took 2 months... | - 11.22.2002
archived news - up
But Randomness UK has finally been updated. Woo.

Why? | - 11.21.2002
archived news - up
I am struggling to figure out what makes a game so addictive. For many of you, it is counter-strike. Definitally a fun and addictive game. I, for some reason am addicted to NCAA 2003 for the x-box. Why you ask, well that is my question. It isn't like it is some revolutionary football game. It is a quality one, but a football game in the end. Now this would make sense if I was a huge football fan. I like football, I watch football, but it isn't even my favorite sport. So why I ask you is this game the only one I play on my x-box? For that matter, on my playstation 2. Although I played out most of those games, well except Socom Navy Seals (anybody have it, play it, like it?) which I rented and have played maybe once. I should probably start playing it as it is costing me being due last Saterday. Back to the point, does anyone know of any good non sports console games for x-box or playstation 2? I know metriod prime is out for gamecube, I played it, it rocks, I want a gamecube. Now then, my work of making a new post today is done, I'm out.

Does no one have anything to say? | - 11.20.2002
archived news - up
Well? No one?

No. Go away.

Can't talk, must play NCAA 2003

What's speedy up to? | - 11.20.2002
archived news - up
Well since we got gayed out of playoffs, we had quite a lot of times in our hands, I started a cs movie about our clan, as of now kanes whiteys and my part are done(98% done), it should be done in a week or 2, depending how much time I put into it.

I am the warchief! | - 11.20.2002
archived news - up
Then again, I guess I'm not as I've still yet to finish the single player campaigns of Warcraft 3. Reason for this? I=sux It is as simple as that. Not lack of interest, lack of skill. Battlefield 1942, now that is another issue. Well as long as you find a server that isn't going to lag you like your on a 28.8 connection. Anyway, enough mindless posting and back to NCAA domination on the x-box.

heather, marry me? | - 11.18.2002
archived news - up

The Story Of My Life | - 11.17.2002
archived news - up
  • I like a girl
  • A moron spreads a rumour that I 'hit it off' with this girl
  • A week of tension occurs
  • An allegation of stalking her is made against me

    Did I stalk her? Did I hell. It's been awhile since I felt this down.....*sigh*

    Wanted!!! | - 11.17.2002
    archived news - up
    Looking for a cheap host with ASP, PHP, CGI, MySQL and SSI support. Preferrably something along these or these lines. Only with ASP support. Yes. Anyone?

    Tumsun | - 11.17.2002
    archived news - up
    For some reason or another, I just spent about an hour making my way through the ocntent over there. Thought i'd share a couple of articles that i wrote a few years ago - a comparison between TD and RA (the first thing i ever did for tumsun!) and a discussion about downloadable units - interesting, as no-one has really done this since... at least not to the extent that it was done in TA

    omg n00b | - 11.16.2002
    archived news - up
    this may only be funny because i am well drunk, but i think it is healthy to laugh at oneself occasionally. (this happened before i went out, when i was sober)

    6:45p (@lp|wm) bibi
    6:45p Nickname lp is already in use
    6:45p (@lp|wm) wm-idle
    6:45p (@lp|wm) ghey
    6:45p (@lp|rave) LOL
    6:45p Nickname lp is already in use
    6:45p (@lp|wm) wm-idle
    6:45p (@lp|wm) fuck fuck fuck
    6:46p (@lp|kane) ./NICK WM-IDLE
    6:46p (@lp|rave) gl hf ride a beaver
    6:46p (@lp|kane) YOU IRC NUB
    6:46p (@lp|kane) OMG
    6:46p (@lp|rave) gl hf ride a beaver save a squirrel
    6:46p * @lp|wm is away (nick is teh gay) [P:off-L:off]
    6:46p (@lp|kane) irc > wm
    6:46p (@lp|wm) i just worked out why
    6:47p (@lp|wm) im using a different keyboard
    6:47p (@lp|wm) and enter is in the wrong place
    6:47p (@lp|kane) gj mike
    6:47p (@lp|kane) well played, as i would say to speedy
    6:47p (@lp|wm) NICK WM-IDLE
    6:47p (@lp|wm) omgf
    6:47p (@lp|kane) .....
    6:47p *** Disconnected

    Eric Escapes | - 11.16.2002
    archived news - up
    Saturday, November 16 2002 - 13:25 PM GMT

    (Reuters) Last night saw dramatic events unfold in the area surrounding the Washington penal island. Run by CCU Corp, a joint venture between Peppin Enterprises and [lp] Inc, with their subsiduaries Davies Corp (NASDAQ: TALL), it housed one of the most dangerous men in the northern hemisphere, Eric "Kanal" Thunberg. Convicted of a number of sociopathic cyber crimes, this nonetheless brilliant mind has been housed here for several months after his incarseration, however last night he escaped. A Kife Net. security team moved in to secure the area, however they were too late. A rapid responce team on standby for such as occurance immediately sprang into action, setting up road blocks, and house to house searches. CCS Reporter Ashley Williams was on the scene to report first hand from one of the largest industrially funded man hunts the United States has ever seen.


    Look What GC Found | - 11.16.2002
    archived news - up
    Mike Proof Keyboard.

    See you in hell, Agent Orange. | - 11.16.2002
    archived news - up
    I leave for Singapore tomorrow. The army is cool like that. Im doing all of my last minute shit, like recording MiniDiscs, packing daybag, and so forth. I was nice and drunk last night, and I intend on an all nighter tonite, so I should be asleep for the entire flight.

    I do like The forum integration and size imho dont suck in the least. Only beef I have is with the womens overlaying news images, but shit happens.

    We were drunk last night, we were drunk the night before.
    If we're not drunk tonite, its cos we can never drink no more.
    Port, vodka, beer, bourbon and whiskey.
    Its all being part of 161 Battery.


    ghetto fabulous | - 11.16.2002
    archived news - up
    I was just thinking about how this is the first time in about 5 years that I've actually used the old run of the mill 104 keyboard. Anyone who knows me is aware how important I place my peripherals. About five years ago, I got my logtech split (ergonomic style) keyboard, and two years ago I picked up the cordless. The things I really miss are the function keys - i'm finding it hard to remember a time when i couldn't control winamp or my volume via my keyboard, and the lack of quick launch app keys means that I actually have to use the quick launch section of my start bar. Times are tough.

    Also, my computer has been an unstable slut. To help tackle this, i've clocked by duron 850 (or is it an 800? i forget) back to ~900 from 950 (it ws fine at 1ghz 6 months ago) and it appears to be stable again. it may just be the onset of summer i guess. isn't australia great, you get to have a seasonal cpu. I also decided to get rid of the winxp silver skin in favour of the win2k style - try it, it's amazing how much things speed up.

    RE: Women | - 11.16.2002
    archived news - up
    Life is shit

    That is all.

    Small | - 11.15.2002
    archived news - up
    Not eric, the layout. Maybe it's just me, but everything seems too squashed and compact, esp the forums and the newspage. Embrace undefined div lengths. Also, the server can be shit slow. Someone give head to the server admin and get us on a bigger pipe, no pun intended.

    I also appriciate it may fuck up the skinnability and whatnot of it all and that the php/mysql are on a diff server making it inherently slower, it just looks odd to me that's all.

    Spending Money | - 11.15.2002
    archived news - up
    the latest toy that i really want is a digital camera. i've been into photography for ages, but most of the time I just cant be bothered to deal with my slr pentax. the thought of having a digital camera really attracts me - the idea of just taking random photo after random photo is great, i'd literally carry it with me everywhere... just chuck it in my bag or in the car and i'd be set. it would be awesome fun to document my daily travels. currently, i'm either looking at the canon powershot a200 or the a40. the a200 is originally what i wanted, a new entry level camera, but the general consensus seems to be thats its worthwhile spending a bit more, and getting something like the a40 which is mainly different through that it has optical, along with digital zoom. regardless, i'm broke so i'll try to score it as an advanced christmas gift or something.

    in other news, i spilt water all over my cordless logitech keyboard which has evidently fried the fucker. i was trying to look on the bright side, as i figured it was a good excuse to get one of those black logitech elite keyboards, however as far as i can find on teh interweb you can only get a cordless elite keyboard if you get it as part of the keyboard + mouse combo. massively gay.

    (the sun has risen and i cant get any sleep...)

    pls come home soon mum & dad | - 11.15.2002
    archived news - up
    i ate salt and vinegar chips for dinner tonight

    First CAL-o season | - 11.13.2002
    archived news - up
    Where to start, well how about from the beginning?

    It was a bit rough but after the transition to college we all got back into the swing of things and started playing cs regularly again. At that time the clan consisted basically of whitey and i as speedy had jumped ship to CR (C R ^ S P E E D Y, gg). Whitey and I sorted things out and recruited a fat azn, shupa, for some added skill. Around that time speedy realized it just wasn't the same not having anyone calling him a mexican and joined back up with us. We needed a 5th and as beast hadn't settled into college yet we had kap (who sucks at cs) from ronin join up on the roster for when we needed him.

    Match 1 - on aztec, pretty big win points wise, gg.
    Match 2 - clan1mill, bit uneasy at first as we were down 4 rounds but we picked it up, giving up one more round then sweeping all of the remaining 19 rounds.
    Match 3 - inferno, good match points wise, we win.
    Match 4 - train, makeup match as we got a forfeit win, lp > elite 21-3
    Match 5 - cbble, in my opinion the best match of the season, we played awesome and really got a grasp of the map.
    Match 6 - nuke, a tough map for us that required a lot of frustrating scrims. In the end we got it down pretty good winning 17-7.
    Match 7 - prodigy, after playing poorly and losing 10-14 we find out that one of their members (piti, from iFrag) cheated; he was turned in by his own teamate and iFrag disbanded.

    Pause. Now you'd think we'd get the win right? Nope at this writing CAL still has not overturned that loss and its what kept us out of the playoffs.

    Match 8 - dust2, I was home for the 4 days where we should have been prepping for this match so we take a tough loss 8-16.

    Match 8 was just a week ago so where are we now? We're officially moved up to CAL-im for next season and I'm still talking to CAL about getting our win fixed. Roster wise, kap fully joined us around match 4 and we've been making fun of his weight ever since. Rave also joined up and will be filling the gap for next season. As far as our fat azn goes, he'll be leaving us for a clan he started with some friends and his brother, team meridian (#meridian in gamesnet, check them out).

    Thats about it for now, I'll try to keep the updates coming but news is slow in the off-season.

    omfg | - 11.13.2002
    archived news - up
    pls read.

    just a quick post about the move, i was going to post replies in forums and to news posts but fuck it, you all will see it here.

    yes, the elite pimps site will be moving to, but it hasnt yet. for like a year+ now i've been thinking about moving this site to a different domain so that i can free up for my own selfish use in the future. for quite some time i've been trying to buy of some dude for quite a large sum of money, but that fell through / i gave up on trying to get the domain. its not just going to be changed one day though, i was planning on leaving up a re-director on this domain for like at least a month so that the domain change did not hurt the site.

    i was going to tell everyone about the move + ask for comments before i wanted to announce the e/n side of site as being live. as far as im concerned, the e/n section isnt good to go, all the content has to be migrated etc and i wanted to add a few extra features.

    all email accounts are going to exist forever and ever and ever. i have no intention to stop renewing the domain nor stop it being hosted, i want to keep my address too.

    i like the merge with the cs side of things personally. i feel it gives the site a bit more a point, however the new site is being created so that people coming from this site who dont care about the clan can ignore it. cs people who dont care about this site can ignore it too.

    until like 3 days ago there was no point to advertise the new site, i've only had the domain itself for like a couple of weeks and most of that time has been spent with eric and i trying to work out a host, and trying to get the technical side of the site going. only now that this has been done, i'm interesting in opinions / thoughts for the new site so that we can implement them before becomes the domain used to access this site.

    it's a bit of a mess now because of the way most of you were introduced to the site (through marks post - although its not his fault because i didnt keep him clued in with my intentions) but now that the cat has been let out of the bag i hope this post explains things a bit better.

    Although I would have preferred a different approach to the actual announcement, it's all good. And I agree, it'll be good to have it all in one place. And we'll have forums again, wohoo ;)

    I blame eric ;)

    Its funny what one bitchy post will do =)
    btw, I was just kidden, y'all know how I am. Although On an honest note, Im kinda questioning rather Ill move or not, i havent decided yet. By the way, how come i never got a l337 warmaker address?


    nostalgic loadtime raping | - 11.13.2002
    archived news - up
    a good chance for the Counter-Strike side of lp to get a acquainted with what the e/n side of lp is all about: raping the loadtime!

    here's the original pic Mike sent when he asked me to design lp two or three years ago - he wanted it to look something like this:

    and here's one of a proposed design for ttr! ahh, the memmories!

    btw Eric, consider adding a [br] at the footer of the page - it'll look nicer that way.

    Yeah Baby! | - 11.12.2002
    archived news - up
    Can't say I ever saw this coming but I sure as hell like it now its here!

    RE: Women | - 11.12.2002
    archived news - up
    Things are moving steadily, progressively and if all goes according to plan there will be much to say soon...

    Next UpdateTune in, same bat time, same bat channel on: Thursday 14th November 2002 at 19:00 GMT ;)

    test and shit | - 11.12.2002
    archived news - up
    I'm still not sure if I like this forum integration thing... But I'm in awe of the ideas behind it all. Eric, you fucking rule!

    Posting and stuff | - 11.12.2002
    archived news - up
    Just so everyone knows, In order to post news you have to be in the 'elite pimps - en' group, I've added everyone so far but if I've missed you let me know.

    Once you're in that group just goto the section and post a new topic, simple as that. I'm workin out a bug with the forum/site not remembering logins and getting logged out frequently etc but that should be fixed tonight'ish.

    Bye Bye CS | - 11.10.2002
    archived news - up
    Natural Selection looks so much better than cs ever was. Now this, this is what deserves to be made into a full fledged retail game, not CS. Sorry guys, but time has not been kind to Gooseman's baby.

    piss off :P

    Hello | - 11.10.2002
    archived news - up
    How is everyone today?

    I'm good.

    New Clan Site | - 11.10.2002
    archived news - up
    Just like the title says. Eric only has three girls, two of which are from Texas. Replace Cindy with Jennifer Love Hewitt and it'd be quite the redneck trinity. Go check it out and don't break it.

    hey i've got heidi in there be nice

    For those who dont yet know and the cs side of lp will be merged on the new site (or for those of you with slow dns's). Sign up on the forum and I'll add you to the moderator (re: can post news) group.

    I think that was everyone who didn't know.

    I sure as hell didn't


    Lemme get this strait... we're moving?Thanks for letting us know, we really appreciate that.

    wait a sec, before you get all bitchy with me this wasn't just my decision, mike, mark and I have been bouncing it back and forth for a while, mike purchased the domain, and I found the host and wrote the site. Maybe before you bitch presto you could actually give it a chance?

    Site Progress | - 11.09.2002
    archived news - up
    The news system seems to be working fine at the moment if you're seeing this. The domain name should be transferred within the next 24 hours. I added a little variable so you can view a specific babe for a background, simply add ?babe=kim or ?babe=cindy for instance.

    Also, match history, roster, and calendar are done, and its almost 9am and I'm tired.

    Procrastination | - 11.09.2002
    archived news - up
    With my final c++ exam on monday, i naturally set out to do as many things as possible apart from actually studying. one of these things, for personal interest was to find out about the history of winnuke which, along with icmp bombing made you a ph33red d00d on those wacky irc servers.

    the point of my story is that according to zdnet, winnuke has recently resurfaced.

    feel free to share your own winnuke stories!

    I remember Winnuke being talked about when I first got my ass online in 1996, but I didn't really know shit about computers and what made things work, so I never really figured out what it was...

    Shooot I didnt know what IRC was until 1998, but WinNuke was hella fun with ICQ. Thats back in the day with RSN & Tumsun and the smaller ones, didnt like alot of the guys on my icq list so Id send em a message, traceroute to see the open connections, grab the IP, and bam.

    oh, joy... | - 11.08.2002
    archived news - up
    COBOL to be added to the .net framework. I can hear the old-timers coming out of the woodwork already, thinking they're hip and wanting to work on web apps...

    There is a still a vast amount of code in use that is written in the 40-year old programming language, and in the current downturn, users can't afford to junk it for new systems. The Cobol industry is set to continue, with products that link that code to Web services front ends, or port it to Web services platforms.
    Still no sign of that 3rd-party Java API though. Meh!

    Wooooo! | - 11.08.2002
    archived news - up

    *runs around screaming like a little girl*


    Is it 2004 yet?

    A winner, it's you | - 11.07.2002
    archived news - up
    As fans of the more "underground" types of music (ie. what isn't played on MTV) have known for years, it's all rigged. I'm not the least bit surprised, but to actually see it in print, even though it's not by any means official (the overall validity of the interview is shaky at best), still makes my stomach turn... So much talent goes to waste because labels crave fast cash, and we have to listen to MTV whores and teenie poppers every time we get close to a radio. Fuck'em. Fuck'em all.

    hmm | - 11.07.2002
    archived news - up
    Bush with clear vision on the situation

    Yes son, there were no difficulties


    give meh teh monies!@#$$@ | - 11.07.2002
    archived news - up
    i applied for 5 jobs yesterday (2 programming, 3 sys admin) lets hope someone wants to hire me.

    Knifes a bitch | - 11.05.2002
    archived news - up
    Killer to answer ure question from earlier over icq: Its not that hard, the recruiter takes it on a case by case basis, however you have to have some sort of permenant residency in the US.

    In Other News:
    I get to go through bootcamp again!
    you know, I thought I was crazy already, but just wait till febuary!! =)

    You're worse than eric, are you the triple space fairy? :) [That ment to say space to begin with, not face.]

    More Innuendo | - 11.04.2002
    archived news - up
    I know which one I'd pick.

    WSU Cougars | - 11.04.2002
    archived news - up
    1 Miami
    2 Oklahoma
    3 Ohio St
    4 Texas
    5 Wash St
    About time

    Bastards | - 11.04.2002
    archived news - up
    Now that I got that off my chest.

    My Mother Loven HD Died monday, Piece of shit.

    Started my new position at work, Game Guru... last guy was an idiot and left the sectioned trashed, so I spent all day organizing the section alphabatized by genre, stupid asshole

    Anyway Recruiter called me and said that I may get to leave for the Army in January, boy thatll be great, go kill some people maybe thatll releave my stress.

    On the subject of Girls: Wished I could help you but im SOL myself.

    PlanetCNC, Women and Beer | - 11.03.2002
    archived news - up
    It's certainly been awhile since my last foray onto the frontpage but quite a lot has happened since then.

    In July I started going out after a situation put me in an ideal position to go for the first time (clubbing). I grabbed it and since then I have been hooked going at least once a week. This last week we went out every night but by the last night we had to scrape up the coppers (cents) to get in, nevermind do much when we were inside.

    I returned to PlanetCNC (stop with the insults at the back :P) to work on the features and am currently writing the newsletter which goes out every Sunday (Cheap Plug: Sign-Up Here) and I will be starting a feature soon which tracks down long lost community members that people want to get in touch with. If you know anyone that you would like to talk to again after many years then E-mail/IRC/ICQ/MSN/AIM me. Working there is ok but can get a tad serious at times (understatement)...

    Now onto the sour topic (yes, you could of guessed it)...Women. I don't know if this applies to any of you but I have little/no confidence with regards to talking to them/asking them out in general. I'm getting better but its proving hard work and I would be glad for any advice...especially considering that I really like this one girl and need the guts to do something about it.

    I'll hope to be posting more here soon...

    The Integra | - 11.03.2002
    archived news - up
    For all the build up, I havn't talked about it much here since i've got it.

    Basically, i'm very happy with it - i got a good deal with it, and nothing has fallen off. For a 7 (err, 6yr 11 month) year old car its problems are minor - the antenna wont quite retract the entire way down, there's a slight (you need to be looking to see it) dent at the number plate, and while the paint is in awesome condition there's a bit of a scratch at the front right.

    Obviously, I havn't stopped playing with it since the day I got it, and the financial reality is only just starting to kick in - i still need to pay for its insurance and its change of ownership (~$2600) which will leave me poorer then i was at like age 14. I do have a heap of work lined up though, because I cant wait to really get into modding it.

    Speaking of mods, i've done a few things to it over the last couple of days. I picked up a proper air filter for it, chucked out the old one and have done a temporary install for it. Because of it, my cars technically defective if a cop wanted to be a real dick, but my brothers aiming to get a welder for the mini in the short term so we'll install it properly then. regardless, its the easiest and cheapest 5-7kw gain i'll ever get out of the car. plus, with the air filter the car sounds pretty orgasmic now - still, i probably wont even be able to hear it once i do the exhaust.

    yesterday I also took my sony headunit + 10cd stacker thats been sitting in my room since we took it out of the commodore and installed it into the integra. after like 8 hours of frustration at least it is installed now and i'm really eager to replace the stock system (2-way 6 inch speakers at front, 1-way 6inch at back) with something far more reasonable - 6 inch splits up front, much meatier 6 inches up back along with a 12 inch sub (model still undecided, probably kenwood kfc-hqw301 though) as soon as i have ~2000 to spend.

    other mods which i'm looking to do in the relative short term (in order)
    - 16/17 inch wheels - the 14x4.5's currently installed mean that the car is lacking far more when it comes to grip then speed
    - headers/extractors --> high flow cat --> exhaust - i'm not sure if i should go 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 inch yet, opinion seems to vary
    - lowering, probably 2 inches - improve looks + handling, may we ll get strut braces for front and back while im at it.

    doom III e3 demo leaked | - 11.02.2002
    archived news - up
    major sites seem to be trying to ignore it - but the demo of doom 3 from this years e3 is out there. carmack must be pissed. screens one and two.

    as much as i want it, it would run shit slow on my machine (i mean they were only running at 640x480 at e3 and had a radeon 9700) plus, 400 meg is a big chunk out of my 3gig cap...

    looks nice though.

    They Have Nothing Better To Report | - 11.02.2002
    archived news - up

    These media morons sure know how to flog a dead horse. They must have nothing better to report or they're too incompetent to find some real news, whatever that is. You'll notice this asshat of a lawyer is from Florida, enough said really.

    /back | - 11.02.2002
    archived news - up
    I leave for 5days and you let Randy back on the frontpage... ;)

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