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Birth Day: January 29, 1970
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Measurements: 36-28-34
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    heather is teh most lovliest girl on teh planet earth!


    <lp|speedy> if i were mexican, and i make some easy mac
    <lp|speedy> would it be mexican easy mac
    <lp|speedy> i wonder
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    Recruiting for Season 10 | - 11.28.2003
    archived news - up
    That time of year again; post your qualifications, availability, a bit about yourself (no life story needed), and whether you believe illegal aliens should be deported or not.

    A few things
    # Previous experience must include CAL-m at least

    # Demos are a plus

    # We tend to scrim late, if you can't, don't bother

    # Have a good attitude, we don't want people we don't enjoy hanging out with

    # No age limit, but be mature, basically 15+

    Good luck!

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