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Birth Day: March 5th, 1975
Born in San Diego, California
Measurements: Unknown
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Credit goes to shupa for the idea and picture.
Did You Know:
"I like men who are very cool but also so brilliant that they are almost insane. Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Tom Waits-men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn't found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets. I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move."

<lp|kane> he's so gay lol
<lp|speedy> kap gay?
<lp|kapo`afk> i dont even do that shit
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Questionable Reporting? | - 03.31.2002
archived news - up
See what happens when you don't check your news sources?!

I know times are tough at EA, what with all those layoffs and everything, so its hard to believe they could afford to hire the "nice cup of" guy to do the box art. Although I'm sure they'll find a way to fit Kari Wuhrer in somehow...

Middle East Fun | - 03.31.2002
archived news - up
C&C Generals cutscene?

Thanks to Gobal for that :)

Happy Easter | - 03.31.2002
archived news - up
To completely blaspheme on the sanctity of this Christian ritual, all I have to say is, free food rocks.

No one really get's excited over Easter as the big companies don't TELL you to get excited over it, but for me it's still 3-4weeks off school with a healthy dosing of free food thrown into the equation. If Jesus took around 3days to die for our sins c2000 years ago, then I think hte second coming will have to take several years on that mark.

Rantings of a drunken Canadian | - 03.31.2002
archived news - up
For hose of u counting, this is night 3 for derek's drinkathon... tommrow is to tne crownign achivement...................... 4 nights in a row!!I work in 6 hlurs... soooo goodnight

Renegade Tourny | - 03.31.2002
archived news - up
Well, Rich and I were participating in the Renegade WWFantix Tourny earlier today and we had some interesting times, first of which was Westwood's inablity to show up on time second was the fact that Devinoch was the only expected WW employee, it could have been worse, they could have sent no one important at all. Anyway after an grueling hour in Chat with the WW commnity things finally got sorted out enough so that we could play.

I was "Representin'" both and our beloved [lp]. Anyway, things got off to a slow start, the warm-up match was on volcano, and was quite short. Dev's side won. In the next match(the first real one), the Webbys collectively crushed the Fans asses with swift strikes to their Airfield and Refinery, and it took a barrage from multiple MRLS to destroy the HoN due to the immense number of people being engineers.

The next game was on Islands, where NOD was on their way to a loss pretty early on but my computer summarily decided it needed to do a memmory dump......

So I rebooted and then waited for a while while the game on islands ended and I actually decided to return to a game set in Hourglass, where GDI were viciously attacked in a mass flame tank rush and we all know what happens when people manage to rush with more that 2-3 Flame tanks in a large game... for those who don't the base disappeared in less than 2 minutes.....

Next was a match on the infamous Under. which was a decent demonstration of what having 4 Mammoths can do to a Nod base no matter how hard they try.... anyway suffice it to say that I placed repectably within the top ten of almost every match I played, and was near the top at the end on Under where I decided to call it quits(was in second and getting bored of pounding Nod in the chokepoint), so I left, if anything happened after that I don't know. Anyway look for more fallout later...... maybe Rich will comment. who knows?

Well, where to begin. Apart from the 50 minute wait watching some lamers talk about 'hax0ring' WOL the tournament went fairly well. The only real bummer was the lag but that was to be expected from 35 56kers connecting to a 40 player server. I was actually a Team Leader and the Fair Play 'Officer' for the tournament which meant I made sure everyone played fair, which (give them their credit) everyone did. I can't really comment on individual games as I was getting about 0.5 FPS and was moving about 1cm every 5 seconds (this including the 'jumping' backwards lag effect).

Due to this I did rather shit (to be blunt) and so it was decided that all 'Match Officials' wouldn't have their results included. Congrats to WWFanatix for holding the tournament but a little more organization and speed is needed next time :)

Royal Death | - 03.30.2002
archived news - up
Queen Mum Dies Aged 101.

Contest Winner I am. | - 03.30.2002
archived news - up
So, do you think he'll give me a prize? It's eerie how Maniac uses "folks" the same way Bush does, I hope he hasn't got his sights set on global domination.

Whatever happened to special messages in the counter anyways?


My Pickle Has A First Name | - 03.30.2002
archived news - up
I too am back from training for the easter break. Its pretty funny trying to catch up on the internet after a month or so of not using it. I got on and found out there is another C&C, that Renegade is released and going reasonably strong, and that the [-lp-] frontpage is actually being updated. This gave me the impression that stuff is actually happening, but when it comes down to it, nothing ever changes. The internet is always me second (wait... third?) home.

Bought Renegade. Not too shabby. More action that I was expecting (after playing RTCW and Half-Life Opposing Force again).

Anywho. Back now. Getting loaded more than ever. Full of anecdotes which will duely be released in good time. Also getting bored and sketching up dumb things in Photoshop for the hell of it.

Fuck EZ Chairs | - 03.30.2002
archived news - up
Gimme me one of these babies. What worries me is they must have quite the demand to keep a buisnes slike thast going. Or some rich uncles maybe.

Don't forget that is only PART of Interactive Seating Inc. They probably do all sorts of other crazy shit as well....

Title | - 03.29.2002
archived news - up
For those who haven't seen it, the new title is a parody of this.

And fuck of my image alignments wiseass :P

Lo-Righta-Lo... Lefty Right-a Layoh | - 03.29.2002
archived news - up
Im home from training for Easter.
I tell you what... After 3 weeks of training with the heavy guns, I came to realize that game designers dont have a freaking clue.
The M249 Squad Assault Weapon (SAW) is a whole hellova lot more powerful then they make it out to be, in fact if you have good control with it, you can actually saw someone in half with it. Brutal... just brutal. 250 Rounds per minute sustained fire with a barrel change after 2 minutes... something like instant nuttage.
How come ive never seen a video game with the M203 Grenade launcher? That bitch is bad ass...
Speaking of grenades... Hand grenades in video games are freaking weak.
The M19 automatic grenade launcher... ach im not even going to talk about it.

Anyway, Unfortunately ive developed Reactive Airway Disease. Basically Asthma. I dont think im gonne be in the marines much longer.. I wont know for sure what theyre going to do with me until April 03 though, so maybe theyll let me stay.

I'm pretty sure that the grenade launcher on both Firearms (HL Mod) and Tactical Ops (UT Mod) are both M203s. Not that the lay down enough damage to be realistic, but they look the same. I totally agree about developers and their unrealistic view upon weapons.

Thaibeeryan Sahn | - 03.29.2002
archived news - up
Props to MW who got me the save game for nod level 5.

I've been playing it a bit on and off - playing as many missions as i can, all the precurser missions and stuff just to get the whole experiance and am up to level 8 or 9. i thought the idea of the mutants was cool... these's cars, RVs and school buses just started attacking me one mission, which had me going wtf? seeing the proper mammoth tank again was great. I find it interesting (and good) the way that westwood made the original c&c stuff (like the buildings when you had to find the derelict NOD base, or the mammoth tank) smaller than you remember them being from the original game - it hints the evolution and progression of the game world. or maybe its just because i had the DOS version and played it in 320 X 240 (?).

I really dont like the sound track, the music just has no life or attitude about it. I dug out all my old c&c mp3s (which i ripped from the .mix file years ago) and just played them in winamp. old school! just do it has to be one of the greatest gaming tracks around - the intro to warfare is great too. I was reading somewhere the other day that there was a way to import mp3's into the ts .mix file so you can play them nativly in the game - something i might investiage later.

Another thought that I had - does the departure of Joe Kucan indicate the end of the end of the Westwood FMV?

No, Westwood have indirectly, quietly announced that he will be brought back for filming

Holden Monaro --> Pontiac GTO | - 03.29.2002
archived news - up
I was reading Solo's site (news in itself) and I saw that GM are going to import the HSV Monaro as the Pontiac GTO, certainly a nod for the australian motor industry. The (new) Monaro came out last year over hear after quite a few years anticipation - HSV have quite a large following over here, being the special vehicles devision of our devision of GM. Up until recently, HSV's were simply normal commodores that were taken off the production line a little early and given a whole stack of performance equipment, a body-kit and a number of extra features (leather seats, power everything, cd stackers etc.) that would be expected of a car in its price range. We actually have one such HSV, a '96 VS Manta that because of their contruction strategy had a number of problems originally, the windows kept playing up, central locking was problematic and it actually leaked (we were just unlucky, they normally have a fairly good reputation.)

The Monaro is really just a two door coupe version of the Commodore, the highest selling car in AU. I've started seeing them around a bit recently, and while nice, I never really saw the point in them. If I was in the market to drive something like that (i'm not, while i drove a '90 commodore until last month i'd much prefer something like a 300zx, supra or fto), and could afford it, i'd be far more likely just to buy a V8 commodore SS, spend almost 1/3 less and just put up with the fact that i have a less exclusive car with 4 doors.

Still, there must be a market for it - it's just another part of the whole retro movement thats been around for a few years now in the car industry. It's great to see an australian product that can cut it in something as competitive as the american car market. You can check the HSV webpage for further reading.

They can't bring back the GTO from a whole new design.... it's sacrillige!!!!

Head hurting... | - 03.29.2002
archived news - up
My head hurts, damned vodka. Anyway I just checked my mail and found I actualy got a couple replies to that messed up rant I did last week. Im too tired to write much now but I promise I will reply to your emails.

PS: Did you guys know a girl actualy reads this page?! I know, crazy shit eh? I just said eh... WOW let the sterotypes (sp?) role!

MI5 - Recruitment | - 03.28.2002
archived news - up
This will apply to Mark more than anyone else probably but it's still pretty funny....

MI5 Recruitment

Why me? | - 03.28.2002
archived news - up
If someone could tell me why I've started receiving spam in Spanish these last few days, I'd be eternally grateful.

Hola, Mi novia me ha puesto los cuernos con un compañero de trabajo y para vengarme he publicado algunas fotos suyas Puedes verlas en:

Lo hago por VENGANZA y para que todos veáis lo PUTA que es

Atención, en este mensaje se hace mención a contenidos que pueden herir la sensibilidad de algunas personas. Así mismo, SOLO podrá acceder y/o visualizarlo si eres mayor de edad en tu país y además accedes a visualizar contenido pornográfico. En caso contrario, deberás CERRAR Y ELIMINAR este mensaje INMEDIATAMENTE.

Si no lo cierras, serás redirigido a la pagina principal en 10 segundos.

Si no se redirige automáticamente pulsa AQUÍ para continuar
Why me, damn it!

You looking up spanish porn would be my guess...

Have you not received the english version? It's either porn spam or some kind of web virus as I've received it a number of times, each with a slightly different sender but always that picture and the same message in a number of languages.

I have Received this mail a lot recently and as Mark said it's always the same picture but with a different link. Outlook XP doesn't display scripts which is good as I imagine its some kind of virus....

I've been getting it too, I just ignore spam, hopefully it'll go away.

ITV Digital | - 03.27.2002
archived news - up
I find this oh so highly amusing. I guess if you know little about our little island you won't really get it, but still. ITV Digital in Administration. You'd call it Chapter 11 Protection, it's basically the same thing. I'll not give you an economics essay, merely another wise quote.

Deloitte & Touche have been having a lot of buisness recently........


Who put a div tag in there? I shall toss you to the AWD phorum lurkers!

Wouldn't you like to know? many...colors...can't tell who's who.


I need someone To Hold me..... | - 03.27.2002
archived news - up
I need someone To Hold me..... Any takers? SHaddow?

Anyway, I was at a recent LAN party and man it was a blast. Over 150 People Showed up, Bigges damn thing I have ever been too! But you know what, Those damn Eastearn Hicks Showed up. Here is a Picture:

You're scary! Mommy, make the bad man go away!

Humm | - 03.27.2002
archived news - up
For all those who still remember Diablo 2, here's a little tidbit in the spirit of the oscars:


Yay | - 03.26.2002
archived news - up
RAM's here, problem solved, crisis over.

yer | - 03.26.2002
archived news - up
I'm playing TS again... it's ok - I just want to finish the fucker.

The best part is the fake installer when you first run it like c&c had, finished with the Welcome back Commander. This bit's good too.


Because i'm lazy, I didn't actually do such things as save my game and when TS crashed it left me with a few hours wasted play time. Does anyone have a save of around NOD level 5 (recapture enemy base.) Mail it to me pls. k thx. bye.

ROFL. I wonder how many still get that grevious injustice.

Haha, if it were RA2 it would be no big deal, because I had an average of about half an hour on missions with a par of two hours. Very, very sad.

wm:You can get them all from FilePlanet via PlanetCNC.

Lonely Astronaut | - 03.25.2002
archived news - up
This has to be some of the funniest shit I've seen in years.

Portrait | - 03.25.2002
archived news - up
I find this strangely amusing and a remarkable likeness.

Let it be so | - 03.25.2002
archived news - up
It's been ages since I did this, so this time I will really rape the load time for you. Yes Steve, even you. No particular topic today, just a collection of stuff I had lying around on my drive:

Limited appeal, but I can see a niche market

Is that a bike seat or are you just... uhhh, on second thought, don't answer that

I already take good care of mine, thanks anyway


Suicidal cows? Or a Monty Python moment?


Well, with today's gas prices...

I will soak you down! Ta-ta-taaaaaa!

I wouldn't feel very entertained, but to each his own

Damn, I was looking forward to that

I don't really need to comment, do I?

Uhhh... no

Greasy mechanics? Nah... I'll pass


BOO! | - 03.25.2002
archived news - up


To arms brothers | - 03.24.2002
archived news - up
I must have some of the worst luck with computers. Anyway, the long and short of it is that it has decided not to detect my DDR all of sudden, it cut out in the middle of a game and then that was it. Tried changing the DDR from one slot to the other to no avail. I'm guessing the only conclusions I can draw from this are that;
1) The DDR itself is fucked up [thanks Crucial].
2) Both DDR Slots are fucked up, thou I must try it with some SD first.
Either way I'm screwed until further notice and religated to the other omputer with this awful keyboard. Have a nice day now.

Update: Well I'm running "ok" with 98meg of 133 from the box of the eternally damned hardware. Since my Sd slots are working hunky dory, I see no reason as to why my DDR slots wouldn't be and have come to the conclusion the DDR has shate itself for some unknown reason? Now if only DDr wasn't twice as aexpensive as when I bought it...

Update: Why can't you just admit you ripped out your ram to avoid losing to me in renegade? :)

Blade II | - 03.23.2002
archived news - up
Must see for all Comic book and Sci-Fi horror fans. no question. I'd give it 3 and 1/2 stars outta four, the plot lags a little but the action and humour make up for it all. go see it. I implore you. Oh if I told you more it'd spoil the movie, and if you haven't seen Blade, rent the damn DVD now!!!!! and then go see Blade II.

Yeah... just six more months until it hits theaters over here. Bleh!

Episode II has official poster released!! | - 03.22.2002
archived news - up
Well, ep II has finally released their new poster that you'll see at all movie theatres. here's what she looks like:

A decent poster save perhaps Natalie Portmans face apearing a bit chubby....

GTA3 | - 03.22.2002
archived news - up
Finally! Soon I'll representing my whiteboy hommies on the east and west sides, word up my sibling.

Say it with me now... | - 03.21.2002
archived news - up
...ready? Here we go: Go fuck yourselves! Heh, get it? You know, like go f... Oh, forget it, I know when I'm not wanted.
Control of Paraphernalia: Drug abuse has been slashed by the outlawing of drug accessories such as syringes and marijuana pipes. If we are to get tough on Masturbation, we must eliminate Masturbatory paraphernalia. This means outlawing such things as:
1. "Personal Vibrators" and other Masturbatory devices such as dildos and blow-up dolls.
2. ALL indecent art. This includes paintings, sculptures and photographs. We don't need the Victoria's Secret catalog! Simple, modest underwear would sell itself and minimize unGodly temptations.
3. Certain food. If we outlaw dildos and require that all sausages, cucumbers and carrots be sold pre-sliced, we will make it much easier for the women among us to resist the temptation to Masturbate.

I can see it now, a handful of maniacs scouring the world for porn. Of course, it's probably just a joke, but hell, who cares?

LIFE CAN SUCK MY HAIR NUTS! | - 03.20.2002
archived news - up
Grrr.... THats the way everyone should start there posts now... GRRRRRR!!! Anyway just got back from a bush party where i saw the fucking girl i LOVE with her new boyfriend. Wow thats a joy! Seeing some jock get everything i have ever wanted after ONE WEEK of seeing someone. SO hence the topic, life is a joke. Why the fuck do we have to live through this shit, dont give me that "it builds character" shit.. I have plenty now so does that mean i can skip all the shit and move on to something else? NO! fucking god... if he/she excists that is. Which personaly i doubt but lets not get into that right now. Yeah so anyway some of u might have pieced out in drunk now but for those who haven't, i am. Ah well fuck it. back to my rant! Yeah so u spend all this time caring for someone and what does it get u? DICK ALL!!! So my conclusion? Dont care about anyone. Sure u can have your guy buddies and even some girl FRIENDs who u just tihnk of as friends. But anything more then that and your in for a heart break. THats just the way it is. Yeah some of u might call me a panzy or some shit like that for venting my feelings like that but i got something to tell u guys... FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I dont give a damn if im being "AFC" (for those who read roosh) or any of that shit, i know how i feel and its not like i can just ignore that. People say u shouldn't find love when your a teenager cause u dont get to experience all that other shit.. well fuck them too cause love at any age is still love. My parents met when they were in there mid teens and they have been married for.. 25? years.. Its all messed up i tell you. Oh well lifes a bitch i guess thats all there is to say about that. I dont wanna get all mussy and crap on u guys but PLEASE give me a diffentition of love, email it, comment on it, whatever just let me know what u think love is. Personaly i think its when you figure out that you would GLADY give your life to save the one you love from being sad, that you would trade your life just to bring a smile to there face. But then again after u feel that way the other person doesn't return your feelings, doesn't want to be anything more then "friends" with you, and goes off to find another guy. WHICH she then flaunts in FUCKING FRONT OF YOU!. What do they have that u dont? HES A FUCKING JOCK! WOW do big muscles mean THAT much to chicks? Does a big forearm make up for a fucking year of being the one to turn to? I guess so... if any chicks are reading this please email me and tell me the truth. Does character or personality mean ANYTHING compared to looks? And for u guys out there FUCK life, life is a cruel joke because someone got bored. Im not saying kill yourself or anything but think about it... in most cases, in 20 years NO ONE will care what u did... why do we? What we need to do is find a way to just not give a flying fuck for a good 20 years, then people might actualy listen when u say those words "I love you" Instead of just passing it off as teenage hormons. As a mater of fact i think thats my goal, to just not give a fuck and say whats on my mind no matter what the cost... I think ill start next monday :) Yes im a sellout. But unless you have been in this exact position i really dont care what the fuck you have to say about me and my pathetic life. Then again if u have someone worthwhile and useful to say be my guest! Until next time i get pissed, this is YFJ... your staff wuss, signing off!

You're preaching to the choir bro. I know exactly how you feel man, and it ain't no fun.

Linkage | - 03.17.2002
archived news - up
Been so boring lately nothing to get motivated enough about to post about. Oh well, here's two tidbits to keep you occupied.

Quick note before bed | - 03.13.2002
archived news - up
What the fuck? The things people do to get noticed...

What else do you expect from colledge level american?

boredom while surfing | - 03.13.2002
archived news - up
Well, seeing as how most ppl get bored while surfing ect. I've stumbled accross a couple of sites that might alliviate it somewhat:
  • - Free strip poker, need I say more?
  • - An assortment of games that are somewhat enjoyable, even though they have sold a game or two to Microsoft that can be played on The Zone, they still have some great stuff to check out.


Real Life - The Truth | - 03.11.2002
archived news - up
For the unenlightened and for those who have not yet found the light I am going to share my experience...

I will be honest in saying i found the light or rather, it found me. It doesn't simply happen but it is a gradual process and you suddenly find yourself on the computer less and less. It's only when you begin to think about it that it gets scary. I have recently become disillusioned with the internet and the WW community in general. With my IRCop status on one network being questioned and various other issues arising i am finding that the internet has simply become a bore. When I logon I am finding myself asking the question 'What am I doing here, and why?' It is when this question starts getting asked that one knows the outlook is different.

With exams, 'going out' and real world friends now taking over I do find the internet a much different place. It used to be somewhere I could relate to, now it's just a mass of people that all have their own interests at heart. Gone are the days of 'Community chats',knowing everyone on your ICQ list and 'internet' friends you felt you knew. Now it is 'Moderated chats', only know four or five people on your ICQ list and masses of people all wanting to make it to the top (yes I am talking about the community in that reference).

I will still be around but more likely as a background figure, a new dawn has broken.....

Mom warned me about guys like you

Been burning CD's in the microwave and huffing the fumes again haven't you? ;)

Yeah I've been there comes in stages.. I did the whole real life thing for a bit, its cool but then you come to the same conclusion that you came to regarding the question "why am i here?". Personally I've always been somewhat of a loner and the more I'm with people the more I dislike their company (- my gf).. you'll be back..i am :)

Yeah, in all seriousness, I did the same last summer, I was hardly home at all. I like my friends out in the real world, but I also find I enjoy surfing the web, chatting with my online friends and sharing some virtual laughs. So why should I have to choose? I don't think it has to be one way or the other, it's possible to combine the best of both worlds. I do try to limit the "dead time" I used to spend online though, where I would surf around aimlessly because I had nothing better to do.

Yea, it goes in phases. I alternate between being on for 7 hours at a time (god bless cable), and not being online for months. Just the way it goes. Hopefully you'll stick around a bit.

New Attack of the Clones Trailer is | - 03.11.2002
archived news - up
bloody brilliant. Before now I only wanted to see the movie beacuse it was "Star Wars", and let's not forget the Sex appeal of Natalie Portman(new more revealing outfits this time since she's no longer Queen......). But this trailer shows just enough to make me actually want to see the movie and it doesn't give away any more of the movie than we already know.......

Oh! right, for you bloody fools who haven't seen it, you'll now what I meant when you do go here.

Fun for the whole family! | - 03.09.2002
archived news - up
Some of you may know I'm a musician. A guitarist, primarily, but I can also hold my own behind a drumkit. Which is why I'm happy to report that my roommate has just aquired this little beauty:
OK, so it's butt ugly, but it's so much fun, I don't give a rat's ass

It's fairly quiet (played with headphones, that is), it can emulate just about any drum kit you can imagine, and it's a blast to screw around with. It's also the reason I've not been online much since wednesday. It's just a tad too noisy to play late at night though, since his bedroom is directly below the bedroom the couple upstairs sleep in.

Yeah, I know, you don't care. But then post something more interesting yourselves, damn you. For the 0.2 people who are actually interested in specs though, clicketh here.

C&C: Generals | - 03.09.2002
archived news - up
A name that really doesn't feel like it has C&C in it for the sake of those few extra copies. Given this preview has been about the first hours, well a brief timeline that skips here there and everywhere more than 24 does with typical G-Spot drawling insistance on some point you've alreayd moved on from, it has given a few rough ideas of some of the features, and more than enough for us to be overly cynical about it.

I'm not going to single out specific features, but all the features they've been including just seem so old and used before, a number dating all the way back to TA and a tad more recently SC [and much more recently, WW3: Black Gold. You almost don't have enough digits to count the parallels]. Re-inventing something isn't creativity.

Shipping the game on time? Pretty proposterous really. Stranger things have happened, but still they're drawing comparisons with RA2. Can we just gain come perspective on what they "achieved" with RA2. RA2 was the efforts of a couple tweaks here and there on the much toiled over TS engine. Had they of build the RA2 engine up from scratch it might just of been coming out now, unless maybe they could take less than 6 months to get bridges to works [Ooops, did I say that out loud?].

Yes, I know this is a very harsh post based on very little information. Construed by any of you who read it as very irrational and full of cynism, but I'm just bringing this spring bud up to the harsh summer sun. Maybe it's better it wilt now than later?

Arctic air masses straying below standard lattitude..... | - 03.08.2002
archived news - up
well according to the weather people the Arctic Air Mass has slipped low enough in lattitude that it's being funelled down the straight between the island and the mainland, which is causing a massive trough(cold, dryish, ugly weather) and it's causing massive snowfall in the area.... for the city that I live in it's the heaviest snowfall we've seen since, well a few years ago.... it's March... it's not supposed to do this......

SFHI @ Home | - 03.07.2002
archived news - up
Sweet lord... What is she thinking here... "I'll just leave him there and noone will even notice he's gone. He gave me a pretty good scare there, so he deserves it. Better tell him I'm a bit sorry about this though". Some people should be shot the moment they saw daylight for the first time.

Update: Well, BAMF got a hold of it too, I don't know who posted it first. Just wanted to clarify and state that I did not steal the story from them. I stole it from somewhere else. So there

End of an era... | - 03.07.2002
archived news - up
...but wether or not this is a bad thing I'll leave to others to decide. Geocities has decided that if you want FTP access to your webspace, you will as of April 1 be asked to ay $5/month. Which in essence means that the only free site you can make on Geocities after that date will be text-only, and made using their shitty HTML-generator scripts and finished templates. The end of moronic sites that serve as nothing but annoyance when surfing or an obstacle to the freedom of the internet? Bah, who gives a shit, I haven't clicked on a Geocities link in years anyway.

Latest Event Pics | - 03.06.2002
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Why am I posting a link to the pictures of the latest westwood event? Because, looking at people wacthing monitors is just so interesting.

I've lost my voice, so all my spite is going into here today

Update: Dear Sweet Jesus.

TheKiller: There is jsust something, wrong, with that picture.


Oh | - 03.06.2002
archived news - up
If anyone is looking for Steve to blame for me seeing that last link, he's away in NYC; "repping the westside, fool".

Now, for the joy of coursework, fucking frogs.

Wasting Internet Space | - 03.06.2002
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just quickly... | - 03.06.2002
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my registration for is about to expire. if anyone is interested in a c&c oriented domain name, i'm happy to renew it as long as someone uses it. but i see little point in once again renewing a domain name that is just going to sit around dormant for another year. mail me if you have any ideas.

I haven't posted in so long... | - 03.05.2002
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that the cookie was either expired or deleted. That is sad. Anyways, my school was in the news today, seems some guy here has invented some sort of microfusion process, though the results are still mixed. If this works out, we'll be one step closer to being a clean energy society. Unfortunately we'll probably pay just as much for electricity, because the power companies are greedy bastards.

New News! | - 03.05.2002
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No, not really, I was just getting tired of seeing very little new stuff that I wanted to post stuff. but since I'm here, go to this page, turn up your sound and wait for 30-40 seconds. Enjoy.

Grand Prix | - 03.03.2002
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Yes, a number of minutes of fun can be had with that collection of sites [previously featured here when WasArrested.Com was the only one], if you don't mind all the damned pop-ups.

The Grand Prix season kicked off this weekend, with an always eventful first race in Melbourne. Much carnage ensued as soon as they started, with only 9 cars finishing in all after the several restarts and safety cars.

One important thing was missing thou, the venerable Murray Walker. Retiring last year, he's one of the sports most memorable voices and characters. Giving Bush his dues, his Bushisms are frequent and awfully popular, but Muzzah is the true orginator of this trend. With phrases that soon became known as "Murray-isms", uttered at a most enthrawling part of the race, probably the most famous being this one,
"And unless I'm very much mistaken that's...AND YES I AM VERY MUCH MISTAKEN!"
Of course the ever creative republicans have stolen another idea, and now of course Bushisms are known the world over, but Murray is the true pioneer in this sense. Even if his "replacement" did go to my school, we won't hold it against him. He and everyone know no one can replace Murray.

Rax Goes Bankcrupt | - 03.03.2002
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Better believe it, hot off the presses.
(IsB.Com) In a move that comes as no surprise to anyone, Rax Plc has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company is reportedly losing 1.4 Billion dollars for every hour it keeps it's doors open.

Luckily for Rax Plc , many of the company's employees have already jumped to their death. There have been reports, however, of several surviving departments banding together to publicly defecate on the CEO's desk.

Rax Plc is currently auctioning it's assets off via Ebay. The CFO has come up with an ingenious "penny-for-a-pound" pricing method to determine the auction price of Rax Plc 's valuable intellectual property.

We asked a top financial analyst from the firm Dewy, Screwem, and Howw, what he thought of Rax Plc 's situation, he had this to say:

"I've reviewed Rax Plc 's financials and I believe their best option is to start investing heavily in Vaseline. As for the stockholders, my advice is to find the nearest gas oven, stick your head in, and breath deeply."
All this good stuff and more fromt he creators of, it's

Hey Barbarado! | - 03.03.2002
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I wish, I wish, I wish all the ladies
Were bells on a tower
And I was the bellboy
I'd bang 'em by the hour

I wish, I wish, I wish all the ladies
Were pies on a shelf
And I was the baker
I'd eat 'em all myself

I wish, I wish, I wish all the ladies
Were holes on a road
And I was the dumptruck
I'd fill 'em with my load

I wish, I wish, I wish all the ladies
Were bricks in a pile
And I was the mason
I'd lay 'em all like tile

Our running cadences were great.

Locate, Close with, And Destroy by Fire manuver or Close combat | - 03.02.2002
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Im back from bootcamp, and I tell you, this week has been great.

Bootcamp wasnt as hard as everybody made it out to be, sure the first 3 weeks is a living hell, but once you adapt to the way things are ran, it just becomes habbit. After that, they wont throw anything that you cant handle, youll have to push yourself to accomplish it, but you can handle it.

Alright, So first night home, i go partying with a bunch of friends, durn we goto hooters and i ask some waitresses for their phone numbers.... my friends where laughing hysterically... of course none of them had the balls to do it.

Alright Anyway so I see this girl in the grocery store thursday, I use to have a huge crush on this girl and so we start talking, anyway to make a long story short we went on a date thursday night.
hehe damn.
I did screw up big time, i got one huge regret about it. Idiot me didnt kiss her until the kiss goodnight. Sheesh. Durn, and the way she kissed me goodnight curled my toes and told me i shoulda kissed her earlier.

Anyway Monday I have to leave for my next station (Camp Geiger/ Camp Lejune North Carolina) and so Ill be gone for another month and a half, then youll see me around alot more. Hopefully ill have my 'Presto... USMC' site up by that time.

Got any questions, drop me an email,

ill be damned, i can remember html tags.

Funny | - 03.01.2002
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Sure it is.

Renegade Rockin'? | - 03.01.2002
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Well, I've nabbed renegade and suffice to say that it doesn't suck as many have predicted it might(considering 3+ years in Dev, not to mention the fact that Mark and I noticed that they switched the Havoc Model in the last year, at least(if you want to know where the old skin whent it is now Logan Sheppard, yes the son of General Sheppard)). Anyway, the engine is decent, all the weapons are great fun to use(Espescially the Chem Sprayer!!!). The single player missions are a blast, and ulike what you may have heard the AI is not weak, once you start to encounter Black Hand troops, you'll know what I mean, they're ruthless and they will kill you if you're not paying attention. But I am quite certain that lots of people won't like the game simply because it does not allow Deathmatches or Capture the Flag Multiplay possibilities, but what is offered is the New innovative C&C mode which is just like your standard C&C Skirmish, one NOD and one GDI base Fighting for domination on the map, but this time you're in the drivers seat, buying tanks and blowing the shit out of your opponents. sadly he base is already built, buy hey, that would make things too hard. anyway it is decent. it should definately at least get a play through by most FPSers and C&C fans.

Die NTL | - 03.01.2002
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Oh the joy of not being able to load webpages for an hour after logging on, one never tires of it.

Since I've been playing Allied Assault since Wednesday, I see everyone has dropped dead leaving us with less updates than Randomness. Oh well.

Allied Assault really is an excellent game, both graphically and gameplay wise. I have neither the motavation or effort to go into why it's so good, but it makes brilliant use of the Q3 engine with amazingly rich textures and brilliant modelling on pretty much everything. The only thing that was lacking really were the textures on hedgerows and rubble, but that's really a minor annoyance that you overlook.

The Normandy landing are espcially "realistic" [if Saving Private Ryan is anything to go by I guess] with men screaming out what the hell to do. Definately worth trying out any way you can.

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