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Birth Day: June 14, 1981
Born in Eindhoven, Holland
Measurements: 32-25-35
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At the head of her class, Lonneke excels in school and already speaks five different languages. Enjoys horseback riding in her spare time. Wants to one day become an airline pilot.

<lp|kane> dont you have an azn roomate
<lp|kane> who blowdrys his hair
<lp|bd> yup
<lp|kane> lol how fitting
<lp|kane> are you guys friends?
<lp|bd> i dont talk to him
<lp|bd> he doesnt talk to me
<lp|bd> its a good relationship
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CAL 2:1-2 - UGS 1:1 | - 04.29.2003
archived news - up
I've been slacking update wise on the CS side of things so I figured I'd writeup a little post about whats been going on. On the CAL side of things I'll start where shupa left off. Week 2 started with a match vs Tranq0 on de_train. While there's no excuses for our loss, some background information might be appreciated. We rescheduled from sunday to monday due to it being Easter and a few guys had family things to attend to. Monday rolls around and we find ourselves in a situation where speedy had class and whitey decided to disappear for the day leaving us to play the match with three starters. We got a late start scrimming and it basically came down to us not being prepared enough and we simply got outplayed by Tranq0.

In between the CAL matches we had the first match of UGS-main season 3 versus Prizefighters. We started the match as CT's and after a poor half we only managed to get three rounds. We came back hard T side and took the half 10-2 and the match 13-11. There's no real MVP for the match, but kap and myself dominated ivy halls making everyone else's job easy :)

The third match of the week was versus Dance City Network again on de_train for CAL. We started T side and managed to tie the half 6-6 on a historicaly CT sided map. CT side went nicely and we took the half 11-1 and the match 17-7. After a bad start to the season it felt good to get our first win and even get on a little streak even though it would only last two matches.

CAL 3:1 - UGS 2:1 | - 04.29.2003
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We played Swift on sunday for our first de_nuke match of the week and ended up losing 20-4. As far as what went wrong they played very well and basically made all their shots while we, especially myself, did not. We started T half on a heavily CT sided map and didn't manage to get any rounds ending the half down 0-12. We started CT half, managed to get the pistol round, then got caught off guard and lost second round as well as the match. The rest of the half sort of faded off after that and we only managed to get 4 rounds.

Our UGS match for week 2 was tonight and we played our good buddies from last season, Avalanche, on de_nuke. We started CT half and took pistol round, as well as the next 11 rounds ending the half up 12-0. In much the same fashion (thankfully reversed) as our CAL match they managed to get the pistol round but we countered with a deagle rush save round and took the round as well as the match. The rest of the half went smoothly as we won the remaining 10 rounds ending the half 11-1 and taking the match 23-1.

We play our second CAL match thursday against Rules of Engagement, again on de_nuke. Wish us luck.

Icelandic Ownage | - 04.29.2003
archived news - up
With finals coming up making beast and happy extremely busy, whitey focussing on real life, and speedy taking a few weeks off, it became apparent that we needed to add another player to the team.

As a bit of background information, we were scheduled to play Ice.cs (an Icelandic team, 1 spot away from getting moved to CAL-i) for CAL-m preseason 2:1. Due to the time difference and other scheduling conflicts we were never able to play. I did however get into contact with one of their members, skyline. Over the next few weeks we talked occasionaly and he started to scrim with us nightly when we needed a 5th.

If you haven't figured the story out yet, sky is the new recruit, and he's good at killing people (even with the 120 ping from iceland). Stop in #elite-pimps, say hi, but don't make fun of his accent or he'll kill you.

mIRC web browser script | - 04.22.2003
archived news - up
Web browsing script

I ve been trying out this script made by Alca, which allows me to view Web pages in an irc window. This script is really helpful, it not only loads faster than opening a new ie window, but also you just need to type shortcuts like "/gf" and it opens gotfrag home page


Look for the final version to come out soon.

Please post your comments/questions

Cal-m Week 1 Wrapup | - 04.17.2003
archived news - up
Week 1 - Match 1 (vs g3) map - de_aztec - score - tie 15-15
We started off the match as T, and performed poorly, losing the first half 1-11. Noone was hitting their shots, and we couldn't seem to get anything going.

Switched sides and got our act together, winning CT side 11-1, thanks largely to solid coverage of the bridge by kap and kane, and clutch play by everyone else on the rare instances when g3 did manage to get through the bridge into bombsite b. So at this point the score is tied and we go into overtime.

We start overtime as CT's, switching up our pistol strat, and end up with a 1v1 situation with the bomb planted. Shupa (me) manages to win a 1v1 for once and we pick up the round. We go on to win CT side of overtime 3-0. Switch sides and start it one more time. We try a glock armor rush out the double doors and down corridor. After killing 4 of them, it came down to a 2v1, kap and shupa vs their remaining guy. Kap has a glock and very low health, I have a usp and 68 health. Their last guy comes up the stairs, and kap comes out of hiding and starts shooting at him. I follow suit, and we both end up dying like jackasses. We went on to lose T side of overtime 0-3, ending the match in a 15-15 tie.

Week 1 - Match 2 (vs b5) map - de_aztec score - loss 14-16
For our 2nd match of the week we played Blazin5, predicted as one of the top5 atlantic clans in main by many this season. After a short delay trying to figure out which team would start as T first, the match got underway.

We started off as T, and managed to win our pistol round. We went on to win the next 5 rounds, thanks in large part to kane stepping up and winning a couple of rounds in which he was the last one left alive. The momentum swung however, with b5 winning the last six rounds, leaving the half tied at 6-6.

We went into the CT side feeling rather confident, a mistake on our part which cost us the pistol round. We then dropped the next 4 rounds. Once again everyone stepped up and we won the next 6 rounds, before losing the last round. Overtime again. Yipee.

We started off OT as CT's. Lost pistol round, and went on to lose the next two. 3-0 b5. Switch sides. We try our default pistol strat again, however b5 knows exactly whats coming, and mows us down. End of match.

Our first week of main is over. A rather disappointing showing, but all things considered not a horrible start. Although we lost one and tied the other, I think we did fairly well. We definitely could have won either match, and aztec is by far one of our weakest maps. Week 2 is on train, one of our stronger maps. Hopefully we'll manage to win both matches.

On a completely unrelated note, happy birthday kap =]

Boston CPL Pre-Qualifier | - 04.05.2003
archived news - up
Everyone made it to RI and after a late night polishing up our strats we headed for Boston at around 8:20am. We got here, had some breakfast, and signed in for the tournament at around 10:15am. We got everything setup, warmed up for about an hour and then started match play. I'll update the post as the day goes by but here is the current standing.

 lp > c4 13-0 0 (12-0 as T) (1-0 as CT) on de_aztec
 LgD > lp 13-5 0 (3-9 as CT) (2-4 as T) on de_inferno
 lp > kpb 13-0 0 (12-0 as CT) (1-0 as T) on de_inferno
 LgD > lp 13-9 0 (0-12 as T) (9-1 as CT) on de_nuke

It's all over and we're heading home after an awesome showing for our first LAN. We took second place and secured a spot in the CPL Qualifier sometime in July. Great job guys!

lp sighting | - 04.03.2003
archived news - up
About a month ago speedy and I attended a local LAN, BadLANs Winter WonderLAN. They put up some pictures and I just figured I'd save you all endless hours of searching for us.

http://web.archive.org/web/20030425132620/http://www.elite-pimps.com/images/cs_events/bl01_t.jpg http://web.archive.org/web/20030425132620/http://www.elite-pimps.com/images/cs_events/bl02.jpg

I'm in the orange and speedy is in the light blue. As you can see I am never far from my trusty mexican and I do not let him stray, especially when it comes time for the pizza.

I'll hopefully have some more pictures soon after this weekend. Both shupa and yoo are taking the train up from New York tommorow and we'll be practicing at my house late into friday night for the CPL Pre-Qualifier in Boston on saturday. Wish us luck!

Update | - 04.01.2003
archived news - up
Well it has been a while since the last post, so I thought I would post something about the current clan news. We are now in cal-m something we are very happy about, we are almost one year old since we started to play cs competitively. if I remember correctly we started in ogl back in april last year. Since then we have gone from ogl to sta to break to cal-o then cal-im and now cal-m, with pretty much the same lineup, only adding a few along the way. Check out the roster for our first ogl match, it pretty much stands to this day.

I would like to thank kane and whitey for introducing me to this game a year ago (if they hadn t maybe I could be normal, and have a job and stuff) but who wants that right

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