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Birth Day: July 21, 1973
Born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Measurements: 36-24-34
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The Sweet Taste That is | - 06.30.2002
archived news - up
Well, last wednesday at a LAN party, I was offered a Vanilla Coke and intrigued as most would be by such a proposition, I decided to grab a can before we sat down to our first round of Warcraft 2, so we began to play, and then after I started contrucion of my first barraks I noticed that my drink had run out. by the end of the night I had drunk 4 more, and now I'm hooked, and I flatly refuse to drink anything else(save water). So if you haven't tried it, do it. I'm sure you'll like it, even you pepsi people out there......

I should mention that it's only available in the states and Canada right now, but I don't doubt it will soon be available in other places too.

y0 | - 06.29.2002
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Hey Cyberman,Send me an ICQ message, im going to be building a new case and Id like a little advice.4266302

In other news... | - 06.27.2002
archived news - up
Barry Smith has lost it. If anyone can make sense of the current storyline, please let me know...

A great Injustice in American Society | - 06.27.2002
archived news - up
Today a Supreme Court Rulling found it unconsitutional for children to say the Pledge of Alegience in the class room. Im not even going to comment on the idiocy. In fact Im just going to keep my oppinion to myself on this one until the mother fucker who agrees with it, tells me they agree with it. Extreme Violence will pursue.As we say in the Marine Corp... Irrtackkill...

The day a sock puppet makes sense..... | - 06.25.2002
archived news - up
is a scary day indeed, but if you want proof that it's come head over here.

Sefless Promotion | - 06.24.2002
archived news - up
Everyone should go to Slice Of The Day via that link. Hopefully we should all have our dreams forfilled and have a link to our little corner of the net from a porn site.

Looks like we made it up there, now if only there was something here for those extra few visits to make it worth their while in clicking on it.

Hmmm we could show them mike's cactus pr0n. That's what they're after anyways. Or perhaps we could just repost this link.

Chances are if they're coming from somewhere like SoTD, then they'll already have that in their bookmarks.

I know I am a little uhhhh shall we say entertained by Some Midori, But What The Fuck is a Sefless Promotion? I know I spell like crap but come on even I caught that!

Reporting on the minority | - 06.24.2002
archived news - up
Like the topic suggests, I've gone to see Minority Report, so here's my take:

Minority Report is a little bit predictable(LOL), but it is a decent look at what could be, I was somewhat disappointed when it came to a close with your standard Speiberg-ian conclusion, but the rest of the movie had enough of an edge for it to qualify as the Blade Runner of '02, nowhere near as bleak or frightening, but still maintaining just enough of Philip K. Dick's essecnce to make you go hmmmmm.

Amazingly the film lacked the decent paradoxical one liners that made Blade Runner that much better, but it certainly made up for it with its hurried on the run pace, with many twists and turns with barely enough time to think between them, and you don't even realize the thing is nearly 2 and a half hours long, even when it does manage to slow down to a snail's pace.

Other than a few plot holes here and there, Minority Report is definately not a minor thing to report, well worth the extra money to hit the more expensive cinema with the cushier seats and the bigger screens. A must see for anyone who's read PKD, and knows why he's one of the best Sci-fi realists ever. And even if you don't like his stuff, Speilberg's put enough of himself into the movie that you'll like it.

On a side note, If the rest of the year's movies are lean and lack enough we could see Minority Report up for more than just the Special Effects Oscars, come next march.

Pass The Stolochnaya | - 06.24.2002
archived news - up
You Know, If Life was a video game, I would have already hit the reset button.

i just love their slogan | - 06.23.2002
archived news - up - soundscapes for compromising a remote host


Holidays! | - 06.23.2002
archived news - up
Exams ended a few days ago and since then i've either been drinking, drunk, hung-over or just plain old relaxing. Exams went as well as I could expect, happy with networking and operating systems, i should have done ok with database design, and will hopefully scrape through with a pass in accounting. Now i'm faced with the hard proposition of 5 weeks or so of semester break. I'm working (and clubbing) for the next week and a bit, then going to the snow with mates from wednesday week to sunday. On my return from the snow, i then plan to head by a games store to pickup neverwinter nights and warcraft 3. I havnt got a new game for like a year (hl: blue shift) - its been ages since i've so eagerly awaited a new game, let alone two. plus the ut 2003 demo should be out by then. i'll be overwhelmed...

I went to have a look at cars today too. As a very temporary thing i have been sharing a 91 celica sx with my brother, which he's currently paying off and at long last today i got the chance to go and have a look. i'm looking at getting a 93 prelude or a 95 integra, but as i'm not totally set i decided to go to some dealers - and saw a very swank prelude for $18000. i'm going to check some more dealers and private sales this coming weekend...

im in love with avril lavigne. one day i hope to marry her.
avril, will you bear my children?

She's mine, I saw her first!!!!

I am alive | - 06.21.2002
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Yes I am alive contrary to poular belief. After e3 I did a slew of computer mods and my box was down for 2 1/2 weeks. But below is my handy work. There are more pics here. (they are huge)
My Case  My Case


Well... | - 06.20.2002
archived news - up
Its not exactly the new Cute little army beret... but hey.. I love the new USMC Uniform seen here

Looks remarkably like the new Canadian combats........

For a better demonstation go here.


Oi! | - 06.19.2002
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Yo Mike, I think you accidentally typed in my e-mail address instead of your own when clicking the "Get more info" botton...
The BEST zoo site on the @net!
Sex With Dogs
Horse Blow Jobs.
Snake Fuck.

Good luck
Don't let it happen again. Oh, and I don't even want to know what snake fucking is...

silly newbies | - 06.17.2002
archived news - up
i was on irc just a few minutes ago (how strange), and as i had forgotten one of my username's passwords i consulted the nickop's documentation regarding how to retrieve my password. as there was no documentation on that subject, i ventured into the help channel and asks the admins how one goes about the task, and was asked to pm an admin my username and email address. fair enough i say and quickly and efficiently pass on my address (the address that i'd signed up for the account with in the first place.) my problems started there as despite my best attempts, the admin simply wouldn't believe i was giving a correct address - 'please give me a proper email address' heh - however i guess i'd be the same if i had to deal with 2sxe4u's all day. i just thought i'd remind you all of how cool my email address is.

in more important news, my exam went fine today (well fine eough to pass) - sorry for snubbing before mark, but i was studying! next stop is 31434 DATABASE DESIGN a world of algebra, theory and sql that i have to learn in the next 24 hours or so.

should be fun.

Must... Withold... Temper... | - 06.16.2002
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I can tell you one thing that the marine corp has changed about me. My temper and my anger. Its become harder to control.

Last night I was out cruisen the strip with a few friends in the bed of my truck when one of our friends in a jeep wrangler decides to tap my bumper with his truck. Okay great for shits and giggles. He does it one more time. Bitch dont do it again. He was warned.
We switch drivers and my best friend is driving my truck so I can hollar at some snatches. Mother f*cker bumps my truck one more time, I snap. Next thing I know Im jumping out of the bed of my truck, running across the hood of his jeep and friggin screamin at the top of my lungs. The entire time Im visioning grabbing the back of his head and slamming into the steering wheel, and then throwing him threw his windshield.
Anyway, after that he went home.

If that would have happend 9 months ago, you would have seen me ask him nicely to stop and he would have done it one more time and I would have gone home with my tail between my legs. Aint it amazing of what 13 weeks of hell along with 3 weeks of infantry training can do to a person?

im wishing you head cancer with my mind | - 06.16.2002
archived news - up
i have a couple of cds full of south park episodes somewhere, which I’m trying to find. they were all done before divx was anywhere as well known as it is today (did it even exist?) and thus were all .rm files. originally, everyone encoded the episodes to something silly like 6 megs, at least by the end of season two the quality was much better with a file size of 30mb. these days you can get tv quality divx versions that are only 40mb...

i shouldn’t however search for those cds - my semester exams continue tomorrow with an exam on operating systems....

thinking about that south park reference i chose to use as my subject, with two monitors, two computers, two mobile (er, cell) phones a stereo and a lamp all within arm reach and all emitting a lovely cocktail of electromagnetic radiation (see, I did learn something from networking), i should probably go a buy a lead helmet. or something....

just thought i’d share....

(need coffee + sleep)

Bored..... | - 06.11.2002
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Woo | - 06.10.2002
archived news - up
My kind of woman. Read Mac Hall, it's good for you!

Humm #2 | - 06.10.2002
archived news - up
For all you Americans with a driver's license, find yourselves online. A little too close to home for me, but since I'm not American, I don't really give a shit. So I'll leave you with this: Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh!

Yeah, I'm continuning my tradition of completely pointless posts full of random ramblings. Sue me!

Boo | - 06.10.2002
archived news - up
I haven't talked to you in a long time, but no matter. I just wanted to be the first to say have a good one Ulti!

I took a few minutes trying to come up with something witty but failed completely... so I'll leave it up the others.

Humm... | - 06.08.2002
archived news - up
Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that PlanetCnC manages to keep their "Pic of the day" feature alive by almost exclusively posting Renegade graphics glitches and bugs...?

Murphy's Law | - 06.08.2002
archived news - up
Hmm, do you think he should of added another couple?. I know Hamish and Presto'll think of some more to add.

Thanks to Wiseman for that moment of comical clarity.

Bleh! | - 06.05.2002
archived news - up
Got GTA3 today. First of all, the game fucking rocks. The cars handle just as arcadey as you'd expect and the GTA spirit is kept very much alive. But damn, the game is power-hungry... My Athlon XP1600+ w/ GeForce2 Pro 64 MB DDR isn't good enough by a long shot. Even in 640*480/16/all details off I get around 5 FPS... I think I may need a new GFX card, but I have no cash. Donations accepted, call 1-800-MAKE-ME-RICH to donate $100.

It runs brilliantly on mine in 1024x768 and my system isn't as good as yours, so don't know what's the matter with it.

0wned | - 06.03.2002
archived news - up
for a newbie to UT like myself, there's absolutely nothing in the world like getting your groove on when your on a server. you see - normally i'm one of those battlers near the bottom of the score sheet, but for some reason, sometimes i'll be right up there in the zone. running around (ie - not camping) with a sniper rifle when you've got your aim on will sometimes end out with the extremely musical "Head Shot! - Dominating!" which always makes me which i recorded demo's.i <3 UT

The Sum of All Ass | - 06.03.2002
archived news - up
Some spoilers ahead.Wow, I'm stunned. I haven't seen a more formulaic movie in a while, and Ben Affleck's preachy speeches do not help the matter. First, let me say, I hate Ben Affleck. I don't know what it is... maybe his abnormally large head. Maybe the fact that he can't act. When he was "interrogating" some guy, he sounded the same as always.

But enough of Ben, Morgan Freeman was alright, but not exactly the best performance ever. Still a damn sight better than most actors can dream of. He got most of the chuckles during the film, along with some russian guy who reminded me of Yuri (looks mostly), and Ben's bad acting. Liev Schreiber (you'd recognize him if you saw the hurricane or one of the screams, he's been in lots of stuff), does a pretty good job as John Clark.

No amount of acting, however, can make up for such a formulaic plot. The one thing that could have been a surprise in the movie (that a nuke goes off where it does) is negated by the fact that the fucking trailers showed it ahead of time. Many changes from the book, I hear.Special effects are big budget, yet the nuclear cloud is still pitifully lame. Yes, yes, it is a low yield bomb, but come on, show some effects. Everything came off sort of hokey, and you were able to see the whole plot before it unfolded. Still, something to while away a couple of hours while munching popcorn, and there are some good moments. I give the Sum of All Fears two out of a possible five.

Here are those diffrences: Baltimore != Denver, Analyst != NSA, Fascist != Arabs, Low Yield != Fizzle, and only one element of the last 30 minutes of the film is accurate and that's the exchange between Ryan and Nasimov(or whatever, who was supposed to be Guryevich, or that guy, I can't remember his name either) so essentially, this was not the book in any sense what-so-ever, not to metion the fact that ***SPOILER***(like IGN it's in white, highlight to read it.)Cabot dies twice in the movies now...... How moronic can you get?(for those counting he succomed to cancer in "Clear and Present Danger")

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