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Born in San Diego, California
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"I like men who are very cool but also so brilliant that they are almost insane. Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Tom Waits-men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn't found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets. I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move."

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SFHI @ home | - 07.30.2002
archived news - up
Does anyone remember SFHI around here anymore anyway? Natural selection in action.

This is quite the story, we have a Clayton, a Johnny and a Sheriff Bob.

Grand Prix | - 07.28.2002
archived news - up
Another relatively boring race after everyone finished crashing and whatever. The Train with Trulli at the front fro 8th to 15th was fun for about 3 laps until Trulli's car broke. To close, I have this to say.
"British Driver Eddie Irvine. after spinning out 3 times and not finishing the race from 19th Position, is now Irish Driver Eddie Irvine"


boards of canada | - 07.28.2002
archived news - up
while their stuff is great - awesome even, am i the only one to find that their tracks can be somehow quite depressing? especially the stuff on Geogaddi...

while im talking about music, feel free to let me know some good nu-metal groups that i may not have heard of by listening to a top 40 station. the genre's really approachable, i find, but i dont know much about it...

"good nu-metal groups" is an oxymoron ;)Nah, there are some good ones out there, but I'm guessing you already know about the ones I have to recommend: Linkin Park, Korn, Fear Factory, Slipknot and so on.

apple switch | - 07.28.2002
archived news - up
killing time on a hung-over sunday afternooni alt-tabbed and noticed the acrobat icon - weird because i didnt think i was running it. on closer inspection, there was a heap more ie icons than there should have be. turns out that my task bar had forgotten about these programs, one of which i hadn't touched for more than a week. had anyone noticed that with xp before? i assume its not a feature to un-clog the taskbar...

on to things that you, the all important reader, might find interesting is the really funny apple switch parody at drunk gamers. while we dont get the switch adds over here, apple have them all mirrored.
We here at drunkgamers feel that Apple's latest ad campaign has neglected a very important section of the PC buying community...gamers. We have done Apple a favor and created this commercial for them in order to show how gaming on the Mac is superior to gaming on the PC.


Suck it! | - 07.26.2002
archived news - up
Money hungry fuckheads, please eat shit and die.

Answer to Mike's Question | - 07.26.2002
archived news - up
...As I understand it. Yes, you are charged for all calls, both originating from and going to your cell. The upside is, telemarketers are not legally allowed to call you on your cell phone. Also, many companies offer "unlimited nights and weekends" as well, or some similar plan (with nights being 6pm-6am). My roomate has such a plan for US $30 a month, with 300 minutes during the day, and he never goes over his limit, so hence only pays $30. Also, many cell plans have spotty service in some remote places, which is understandable due to the size of my country (not that Australia is small...), but can be very irritating.

Why do customers put up with it? I don't know for sure, but here's my theory. We've had cell service since the 80s, and it used to cost $100s for a good cell plan. Now it only costs $30 or even less, depending on what's good for you. However, we've been conditioned to accept that we have to pay for both outgoing and incoming calls on cells (unlike land lines), and there's no sudden grassroots movement to have free incoming calls, so companies aren't pressured to change their pricing plans. At least that's how I understand it.

Also, if you don't understand the new page title, just visit enough, or think for a minute, and you wil..

maybe its the beers... | - 07.26.2002
archived news - up
.. but if i was 40 something and had a wife of a similar age i'd be pretty damn pleased if she looked anywehre near as good as madonna.

props to shock, too, who confimed that americans do indead have such a system for their mobile phones as described below.

eh? | - 07.26.2002
archived news - up
i just read something that seemed very strange. could someone please confirm this.

In the US you are charged for your airtime.

This is apposed to the logical and civilised world where you pay for the calls you make.

For bonus points could someone tell me why (and if you answer with a 'because the corporations want to make more money' you will need to answer another question entitled 'why does the consumer put up with this?'

yours confused,

random | - 07.24.2002
archived news - up
Uni starts tomorrow... I have to be up in a few hours. We got our marks back today, and I got two credits and two distinctions. its the first distinction i've got at uni, and it a lot better than the passes and credits I got last year.

I was watching the Simpsons and I thought I recognised Side Show Bob's voice. Turns out the character is played by Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser). Bit of not so interesting trivia.

In other TV news that no-one cares about, after 2 or so years, ch10 is showing dawsons creek again - starting tomorrow night. wh00p!

Hey Mike, I'm back! | - 07.23.2002
archived news - up
More pictures from me. Whoever did this must be one mean mofo... I can see the disabled guys already: "Yeah, rub it in, why don't ya?"

Yeah, you see, you grab hold of the handlebars, and then you liiiiiiift...

On a related note, I have a mean joke to lighten your day. Fragile souls may want to look away:
What's better than winning the special olympics?

Not being retarded
Thank you, I'll be here all week.

bye eskil | - 07.23.2002
archived news - up
at the drive in are really good.


funniest gaming moments | - 07.23.2002
archived news - up
over at planet crap there's a really good discussion about funniest (single player) games, which has got me wanting to go and play monkey island again - after buying sam and max.

for me it would have to be minsc from BG1/2. while i didn't find the minsc/boo all that great originally, in bg2 it really seemed to work with my quirky sense of humour.

Go for the eyes Boo! THE EYES!

grrr | - 07.23.2002
archived news - up
i keep getting tricked by variations of this skanky whore.

There is a hidden image in this picture, stare at it long enough and i'm sure you'll find it...

war3 | - 07.23.2002
archived news - up
was trying to play a co-op game with imd and mark before with no joy - marks computer kept dying and mine lagged out.

i'm not sure however, that my lag in war3 (and i spike sometimes in ut as well) is due just to my isp. one thing i've noticed is with ftp i'll often upload a lot slower and often drop out from this machine, than the win98se machine that had the cable modem installed. i'm running a coax network here at home, basically because thats what i've done for years now, and despite having all the new and shiny equipment to setup a cat 5 network i've just been too lazy (mainly because i want to setup a freebsd based gateway properly at the same time i do the new network.)

any ideas? i know its not the physical cables - im running ics on the win98 machine so could it be some limitation with NAT?

Quick rape | - 07.22.2002
archived news - up
...since it's been so long, this rape was over quickly. But at least I practiced safe sex:
No, I won't explain the joke. Bugger off
I'm off to bed.

cars | - 07.22.2002
archived news - up
went to look at a 92 prelude si on the weekend, and hopefully will get a better look at it tomorrow (was pretty busy on the weekend). i'd really love a car like that, but the best quote i could get for it on insurance was $2500 a year and i dont really want to go over $2000. i can insure a prelude s (bare bones, less options, smaller engine) for just over 2 grand, but for the same amount i could afford to insure a 94 integra vtir. i think i have to work out if i want to get a really good car with no options, or a almost as good car with plenty of options... im leaning towards the integra.

a civic could still be an option i guess, but a ~98 would cost me $1500 to insure - may as well pay that bit extra in insurance to have a much better car...

Update | - 07.22.2002
archived news - up
Well, it has been a while

I finally finished my GCSE's (Equivilent to the exams American's take when they are 16 (Pre-SAT's?)) and am now one week into a seven week holiday in which I have nothing planned at all. Life as a whole is much better as I am now going out regularily and am doing things a year ago I would have laughed at the thought of me being able to achieve.

In other news my grandfather is ill in hospital and so I am going to see him in 5 hours (catching a train in 3 hours). I suppose at 89 he's done very well although I hear he is getting better so who knows?

On the 'opposite sex' front things are still pretty dismal. My lack of confidence in actually talking to them doesn't help much although I am gradually getting better at it. Note the use of the word 'gradually' though ;)

In the Westwood Community I am currently Site/PR Director at Westwood Unleashed, freelance writer and SOp in the Westwood Community Chat Channel. All lots of fun.....hmm

Be Back On Thursday,

america's army: operations | - 07.20.2002
archived news - up
i got tired of sof II and now play america's army: operations whenever i feel the need for a shot of gaming goodness (which isn't very often these days). i have to admit, i love this game. while definitely not the best fps out there, one thing makes it all worthwhile: finally, no jumping in duels! hurray for the u.s. army!

Fate? | - 07.20.2002
archived news - up
Sometimes I just happen to notice stuff that just seems to be more then a mere coincidence. Take this for instance, when I first found out I was getting kicked out of the Marines, my step dad left my mom and my grandfather was having health problems, so it seemed little more then a coincidence when it all happend on the same day. I got drunk off of my royal ass that weekend, and stayed that way, but once i sobered up, i realized that it couldnt have been just a coincidence, kinda like all the tumblers where falling into place.

The most recent occurance of this has been this week, and last night I couldnt believe it. I finally got me a job, after searching and searching, finally got one in construction and I love it. Always changing, little routine, and Im outside all day, perfect job for a former grunt. Anyway Last weekend when I went on that date, the blind date that went over like a wet fart in church, I got to thinken about 'The One that Got Away' and the reason she got away was because of the Marines. To continue my story, I saw her last night and I could not believe it and Damn she is lookin good too. Friggin, its gotta be more then coincidence that I just happened to bump into her after thinking about her, and saying to myself 'Damn gotta find her' and coming up unsuccesful all week.
Anyway nuff of my ranting.


Playlist, Night Two | - 07.18.2002
archived news - up
Dear Diary,

Things just aren't going too well with my plans to create a 80 minute playlist. While I have sorted through approximately 10% (400 tracks) of the available media, I find myself having already selected around 50 tracks to make their way to round 2. While the first round is simply to cull those tracks that have no chance, a certain lack in decisiveness does not bode well for any final out-come.

That's the annoying thing about being into Progressive Metal... If I was to create an 80-minute playlist, it would contain 7-8 tracks. I mean fuck, two of my favourite songs in the world are both over 20 minutes long, and the five longest tracks on my playlist put together will take over two hours to listen through.

I pledge... | - 07.18.2002
archived news - up
Im a little pissed. Most of you know about my trials and tribulations with the Marine Corp and me getting kicked out for having Asthma/Allergy problems. What Bullshit, its Seasonal, and friggin rarely happens at that. Mother Fucker I can run a First Class physical fitness test with asthma, and the mother fuckers still kick my ass out. Pretty sad when you outrun the damn sergeants on an average day with asthma! Just happened to be the day I had an attack wasnt an average day. I wouldnt even have called that an attack, it was just difficulty with some hyperventalating.

I have known my entire life that I was meant to be a warrior, A soldier. Mother fucker, I aint lettin this shit stop me. I was meant to be a damn soldier and fucking shit aint gonna mother fucking stop me, so you know what i say! Fuck the Fucking Fuckers!!
Its always been my dream to serve my country, and I dont let dreams die without a bloody fight. And boy do I meen bloody.

Ive been talking to the Army recruiter, he thinks he can help get me in, hey thats what recruiters are for aint it? They got a quota to meet and Im gonna use that to my damn advantage. Son of a bitch Im pissed.


Captions | - 07.17.2002
archived news - up
Been a while since we messed with old GWB... Granted, Steve's still the undisputed master here, but as he's not showing any initiative around here at the moment, it's up to me to do it.

C'mon, it's got thought bubbles. No need for a funny text here too!

The lengths that I go to to keep this site afloat... Sheesh!

Bravo, good sir. My hat goes off to you.

Seti at home | - 07.17.2002
archived news - up
Comeon guys I just looked at our team stats and there are only 6 people who have submitted results in 2002. You say you're bored mike but how can you let my mom's computer (kane2) take your spot :(

If any of you new readers who weren't around when it started want to join, please do so, its easier than donating money isn't it?

In other um..esports news..lp is on a 4 match winning streak and we challenged for spot #14 for a match sometime next week. I put up a little site for us as whoever admins this server never got around to setting us up with a subdomain..either way the site is here.

Wheres the Vodka? | - 07.17.2002
archived news - up
Ive stated it before, and Ill state it again.
If Life was a video game, I would have hit the reset button already.

I hate routine, how Monday seems to slide into Tuesday, how Tuesday seems to slide into Friday.. Where the hell did Weds and Thurs go? Friggin even my weekends suck anymore.

You ever wished that you lived in the olden days where life was a struggle to survive? I do all the time. Bloomen, life is a struggle to 'maintain good credit' anymore. Cant you see that one, getting up to the pearly gates and hearing Saint Peter saying 'Cant let you in, we did a credit check and you've got bad credit'

Think im gonna die a sad and lonely man.

Playlist Update | - 07.17.2002
archived news - up
Time: 2:17am
Coffee count: 5

Lagwagon, nofx, eiffel 65 have already been taken out of the running. No Doubt will see its way into round 2 with 'Don't Speak'

how could you do that to lagwagon :(

playlist | - 07.17.2002
archived news - up
its actually only 15.6 days worth of music - 373 1/2 hours.
the playlist alone is 504kb. I've just started the culling now, i think i'll make a md playlist (296 mins) along with an 80 min cd one. 22404 minutes into 80 (0.004%) should be fun.

i'd like to thank calc for its fine support in creating this update.


mp3 | - 07.17.2002
archived news - up

I'm in the middle of uni holidays with nothing to do... i think i've watched more tv in the last two days than i normally would in a month (and the thing is, im not even exaggerating that much.) So I think I've decided i'm going to spend the next few days slowly creating a short list of my favorite songs of all time, to fit on a cd (80 min, gives me a tiny bit more room to play with.) It's going to be huge, taking a few weeks worth of continuous music but i have nothing better to do.

Thing is, my mp3 collection isn't that much larger than it was a few years ago (it seemed to sit at ~15 gig for like a year and a half.) Thankfully, my gilmore girls episode collection is on the up and up, at a bit over 2 gigs - thats 9 episodes kids!

manner ^^ | - 07.16.2002
archived news - up
the pro gaming scene in south korea is something that has really fascinated me for a few years now. things like when they got their first pro gaming tv channel (they now have 3, while the US is only just getting its first) or reports from au q3 player python as to how he was recognized quite frequently when he was over there for last years e3.

wired have written a great article that covers this whole phenomenon. most interesting to me, was the way in which they covered how the social conditions over there have led to the popularity of pro gaming. worth a look.

Small Victories | - 07.15.2002
archived news - up
Atleast Frans Damen Fucked Off And Died.

Windows bashing... | - 07.14.2002
archived news - up
...because it's all the rage these days. Sing along, to the melody of Bohemian Rhapsody. Thanks Rolf

shit! | - 07.12.2002
archived news - up
How can it be 2am? it was only midnight a few minutes ago. hmmm....

I've got nothing to say | - 07.11.2002
archived news - up
...just helping out in pushing Mike's name off the headlines box.

Work sucks. And when I'm working for 12 days in a row, it sucks even more. Yes, I can kiss my weekend goodbye, I've still got 8 days to go before I can rest.

Has anyone seen this before? I stumbled across it earlier, and it was quite funny. So I thought I'd share. And now I have. Yes. Sharing is good. I should do it more often. What I should do less often is ramble. Like I'm doing now. So I'll shut up. Right now. OK. Bye for now then.

American Pie | - 07.11.2002
archived news - up
I'd just like to, once again, profess my undying love for this movie.

As a general rule, i'm the kind of person that hates to go and read a book, see a movie or play a game a second time. I must have watched American Pie 20 to 30 times, which may not sound all that special until you realise that I can't remember watching any other movie, apart from Human Traffic more than twice.

stiflers mom: mr finch, are you trying to seduce me?
finch: yes ma'am i am

GameMasters | - 07.11.2002
archived news - up
Continued from my post below, as the Game Masters topic has been somewhat in the spot light lately, I thought i'd post parts of some emails from the period that show the ideas quick demise. Not sure if anyone cares - i'd actually always planned to write a GameMaster - What happened type article.

Warmaker, 9th March 00;
While I've got your attention, I was wondering [...] if you could tell me if you (or Rade) had
read my email 'Westwood Rant' (3/2/00)?

VT, 11 March 00;
[...] I have, and I'll get back to you on the Westwood Rant stuff on Monday. :)

Warmaker, 17 April 00;
[...] that you also planned to send me an email
about the game masters concept [...] I was just wondering what the status was on those two things...

VT, 26 April 00;
The GameMaster stuff is still in limbo, as I haven't heard back from the NOX guys yet. I will pester them again today and see what's up.


That Community | - 07.11.2002
archived news - up
As far as things you can do online goes, there's few things I enjoy more (perhaps second to a fufme (link via the way back machine) session with Eric) than writing a well thought out news update. When I posted TumSun it just became natural, yet these days i'm really apprehensive to go about it. Back then, I knew all there was to know about TS, yet these days, I know comparitively little, which makes it hard to piece together and informal post.

While on the subject, let me just say that it's quite amusing to just stumble accross yourself being quoted. I was following up on a thread that Shinano started at CCU, and ended out reading this article. The funniest thing was, as I was enjoying reading the article, I was actually thinking about how it reminded me of the kind of stuff I wrote a couple of years ago. KoTPaine's rant and especially Arkangel's article would prove quite interesting to those who wanted to catch up with whats happening inside the community.

Frans Damen | - 07.10.2002
archived news - up
You have a virus. I don't actually know who you are, but as i keep getting viruses from you to my mail box i figured you've probably been to this site. If you dont read this, and dont check this page anymore then i hope it ends out formatting your hard disk. Thanks.

Yeah, I've gotten about 25 of those now...


Averaging 6 a day so far.

Thats an attack against the site then. Thank God I dont have an LP addy =) Speaking of virus, damn Ive got the shits tonight

FINALY! Now I know presto's bowel habbits and I can die a happy man

Yes but as we're not morons it's not a terribly successful attack. Thought I'm honoured someone thinks us important enough to try and attack. Yes, now we know the true reason for our drop in hits anyway. Everyone has stopped visiting as they now know Presto's bowel habits and have commited suicide content with their existence.

Critical War3 Thoughts | - 07.10.2002
archived news - up
In the post below I outlined how i was kinda iffy about war3 - yet i couldn't really put my finger on why i felt this way. Over at quarter to three, they've posted an article that makes a really great, critical assesment of warcraft 3 that really sums up how i feel about the game as well (perhaps a bit more critical than myself though.)
Now I not only have to micromanage my base and quickly build an expansion base, I have to micromanage my hero to level him up. Blizzard forget to include an extra arm in the box for multiplayer. Bad on them.
Spot on.
What's with this backwards step from a developer who should know better? This is the sort of thing I'd expect from Westwood. Et tu, Blizzard?
Going off on a bit of a tangent, I can't express just how refreshing I find critical assesments of games like the above comments. I'm not saying that for it to be a good review it has to slam the game, but compare those comments to your gamespot, pc gamer or gamespy-esque reviews of games. For block buster games, they're really just an expansion of the press material that the developer sent out with the free games, posters and other goodies that developers sent to the gaming press.

This especially goes for press media. I've always justified press media through the opinion that the writers there are the best of the best in the industry, yet they're becoming just as bad as online media in the above respect. Still, i can't read gamespy on the train. (Also, if anyone want's to recommend a really good (PC) gaming mag in eur/us feel free to let me know. The au one that i read (pcpp) i kinda getting stale after a few quick stints of different people as editor)

While over at quarter to three, check out their shoot club section - which is full of great stuff to read.

Warcraft III rocks my balls, and you are not going to destroy my joy! Actually, I find I'm micromanaging much, much less in War3 than in Starcraft... Granted, I've only played campaign, no multiplayer yet, but I played mostly campaigns in Starcraft as well. The hero is a big boy, he takes care of himself, apart from distributing skill points (ohh, a full five seconds wasted for each level up). I send him out, he usually returns in one piece. Or at least he's still got enough hit points left to carry his bodyparts back himself. And base building rocks too, especially the undead, where one little guy can build a whole base by himself (like Protoss), and the guys don't have to scuttle between the main building and the mine to make money for you. Great. Love it. Awesome. I see a new LAN favourite emerging here.

wm: Yeah - war3 is great, no doubt about it, especially for single player, but i do think there is too much micro in multi-player. yes, being good at micro is a skill, and if you want to be good at the multiplayer its fine that you have to learn that skill but i just think its too much. with the hero, whats the fun in sending him out and letting him do the work? i'd at least like to pretend that its my strategy on my hero that's keeping him alive. i'd much prefer to have to babysit a hero, than babysit my base.

i think sc had it right in this regard, to be great in the multiplayer you could be either a macro or micro player (im more of a micro player), but with war3 there's not much room for a macro player...


/back | - 07.10.2002
archived news - up
I'm just sitting here at uni with a good hour or so to kill before i'm meeting a friend after work - so i figured what better than to go to one of the FIT labs here and post random crap on the good old front page. You can all be thankful that we have referer logs, otherwise you'd all probably have to go without my wisdom and i'd get to surf for pr0n instead (it's uni holidays so no-one is in the labs.)

Uni is one of the last places i would have liked to have spent this fine winter day in this fair city yet sadly I dont really have a choice in the matter. I was hoping to do Networking 2 (really just CCNA semester 2 under a different name - gotta love the huge corporate funding that UTS gets /sarcasm), which is, logically enough the follow up to Networking 1 (ccna semester 1) mainly because networking is one of the more relevant subjects when its comes to life outside of uni. I was under the impression that all we needed to get was 80% (its really not that hard, they're just multiple choice questions) in networking 1 to make net 2, however as i'm a lazy shit and didnt study all that much i only got 92-3(?)%. This wasn't a problem, until the otherday when i recieved an email telling me that this wasn't a good enough mark to make it into net 2.

So, I had to enrol into a new elective for the coming semester. As Internet Programming (easy creidt points, its just html, js, cgi, xml etc.) is well and truly full, it came down to a decision between Internet Commerce (IT + business really) or Virtual Communities (self explanatory.) I'm already enrolled into C++, and a huge group assignment type subject, and even though virtual communities sounded interesting, it also seemed to feature a few major group assignments. I was about to fill in my variation of program form to enrol into Internet commerce when I just figured I'd check some of the lecture slides and notes for virtual communities, to see what it was like, and I came across gold - emoticons and internet slang (eg lol, imho) forms the major part of one lecture and is very assesable. After far too many years of surrounding myself with 15 years olds online, this subject looks like it will be the easiest 6 credit points known to man. I'm sold.

In other news ever since I got back from snow boarding i have dedicated my life to warcraft 3. I hadn't even unpacked or made more than a quick attempt at a greeting to my family before i stormed into my room, and installed the fucker (i figured I could fill in the time it took to install to fulfill the above activities.) It runs great on default settings on my machine, and is a lot of fun - although i dont really have a solid opinion of it yet. The thing is im not overwhelmed with the goodness that is warcraft 3 - something that i was expecting. I mean, its a great game, but i havn't fallen in love with it yet, like i did with sc - i think it's only a matter of time though. I play was warmaker on uswest if anyone is after a game, although i suck hardcore (which is another thing that annoys me, i was really good at sc yet i suck in war3.) Regardless, drop me a line.

I havn't got neverwinter nights yet and i dunno if i will in the short term. while im sure its great, i was looking at getting it mainly for its single player and according to some reports, its not really shining in that regard. when i have the money for it, i think i might actually go out and get both homeworld and planetscape torment instead.

Whore: PlanetCrap - While its not all that exciting to see well thoughtout Articles on gaming by gamers, its somewhat rarer to actually see them followed up by equally thoughout, intelligent, insightful and funny comments. This is a great site, especially for gamers that want to escape the hordes of 15 year olds out there (so if you're younger than 16 or so you're not allowed to click this link.)

Download: Nullsoft Beep - It's really small and great for a laugh.
Nullsoft Beep is an application that makes your computer sound like computers sound in the movies. It requires Windows 95 or later with DirectX 3 or later.

Fixed your Uni link for ya :)

Hard Drive = Working | - 07.06.2002
archived news - up
Orsi, I love you man.

Everybody Else is doing it... | - 07.03.2002
archived news - up
Im gonna Rape the Load time too!!

My Wonderful go-everywhere pickup truck

My 2 'hunting' rifles

Christ, you're nearly as bad as Solo.

Snow! | - 07.02.2002
archived news - up
After a few weeks of exams and a week and a half of work i'm off to the snow for some beginners snow-boarding action! Friend's folks have near there so it should be good times.

When I get back, i'll have uni holidays and not so much work plus warcraft 3 sitting on my desk (omfg!) - hopefully i'll also have some time to get into some online stuff too...

I got brought an old scsi scanner to life as well the other day. I've scanned some random pics to my staff dir. I have a whole stack of stuff i'd like to scan in, but that'll do for now.

Update | - 07.01.2002
archived news - up
I have a couple minutes to kill before work so I thought i would give you all an update on my life. First off, yes I am still alive... just very very lazy. I'm leaving tommorow to go to Edmonton for a week. That should be fun, a hotel room + women + booze = happy Derek. Speaking of which you all missed an awesome party at my place last night. Beer (REAL beer mind you, not light crap like some of our readers are into), vodka and rum were drank in large quanities and much "entertainment" followed. Well thats about all I have to say... oh yeah I graded! Yay for me and such. I would end this with a nice pic of me on the floor drinking cause I couldn't stand anymore but I forgot my FTP pass... Thankfully Mark did it for me but was way too tired to think up a witty retort so just left the picture to rape the load time and resumed his brooding.

Little does Derek know but he has actually been drinking the same beer for 6hours.

And what a raping it is. Even my cable ph33red. Congrats on a job (and party) well done.

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