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Birth Day: March 2, 1983
Born in Odessa, Texas
Measurements: 34-24-34
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Member of high school golf team

<lp|kapo> u may have noticed my fan sounded stronger last night
<lp|kapo> thats because the fan i used last summer died
<lp|kapo> and now im using the super fan
<lp|kapo> i miss that fan :(
* lp|kapo pours liqqa for my fan
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no love | - 09.30.2002
archived news - up
i was really looking forward to that gsn chat thats coming up in a couple of days - so much so that i just worked out when it would be in au/est so that i wouldnt miss it. turns out that i'll be working then. bummer.

i guess someone will log it anyway...

public beta also announced.

Another Screenshot | - 09.30.2002
archived news - up
I love new months just about as much as I hate 3gb monthly download caps.


What happens after your 3 GB are used up? You get cut off?
wm: i pay $1 for every 5 meg. normally i stretch it out ok, but with my hd dying last month there was a heap of stuff that i needed to dl so i had a long list of less essential stuff ready for october...

Shinano's CCU | - 09.30.2002
archived news - up
A tribute to the guy who does a great job. I guess it does serve him right though for deciding to start a site with a group of slackers.

Sorry about killing the load time - but putting a smaller version just didn't do it justice (click image for the full screeenshot)

Sorry Dialup users

Hey, I've gotta waste my time somehow. It's a good excuse to avoid schoolwork. You and Mark ended my streak though. Now if we can just get eric to start writing CNC poetry...

random | - 09.30.2002
archived news - up
fuck, the intro credits to band of brothers takes some time.

to stop music piracy, rather than throwing lawyers a heap of money why dont they just throw it towards the IT industry. surely it wouldnt cost them any/much more to gather a thousand computers, and fill them with sound files of some sample or another (such as 'fu, communist hippy scum') over and over for the length of the desired track.

i know thats not an original thought, im just surprised that you so rarely see it used.

Help | - 09.29.2002
archived news - up
Is there any difference between this Asus board and this Abit board?

20! | - 09.27.2002
archived news - up
Even though the server will disagree with me, i'm now 20 - i'm never ever going to be a teenager again. Kinda weird when you think about it that way, but it's not as if feel any different. Things would have been perfect, if it wasnt for the fact that my third decade was ushered in with sophie ellis bextor's whining.

oh well, time to collapse in bed. and dont forget to send me your thoughts on consoles. k thx.

Happy 20th man! The days of birthdays being special are long behind you, or at least, they are for me. Thoughts on consoles... gamecube has some awesome games, including mario party and super monkey ball (good social games). PS2 has GTA3 and FFX, but GTA3 of course is already on PC. Xbox...heh, only halo, and that's coming to PC as well. So I'd say Gamecube, it has the most innovative titles that will never make it to PC.

happy birthday, mike! i would like to make some witty comment, but i seem to have run out. so, just .. congrats!

consoles! | - 09.27.2002
archived news - up
i'm probably getting a cosole tomorrow - because i kinda want one and cant think of anyting else that i want for my birthday.

i'm thinking gamecube, because it has the least PC like good titles (i have a pc, so there's no point buying an xbox, and ps2 games seem more like PC games than gamecube's more innovative games.)

the closest thing to a console i've owned would be either my vic-20 or commodore-64 so please email me you exepriances with different platforms and games. thanks!

just out of curiousity | - 09.27.2002
archived news - up
what is considered the 'standard (average) income' in your country? and when is someone considered wealthy?

Not sure about current exchange rates (especially now that the Norwegian currency is at an all-time high), but roughly in US dollars, the standard income would be around $30,000, and I guess if you make $60-70,000 you're starting to be seen as wealthy...
wm: For Australia, the average for someone in Sydney might be us$25 000, the rest perhaps more like us$20000 (unless you're coming from Melbourne, it's pretty hard to move into Sydney...) A wealthy person would earn about us$50 000+ - or if you asking for more than just a figure, owning a luxury car (eg, bmw, merc, lexus, audi etc.) and living in an afluet region of sydney (a given) would certainly place you in the top percantage or two in australian society...

Perhaps to give another example, an 18 year old working at McDonalds would earn about us$5.50 an hour here.


24 | - 09.26.2002
archived news - up
they started airing this show here only recently and i'm having some trouble deciding whether or not i am going to sit through all 24 episodes. while this 'real-time'-concept has been fun for the first four episodes, i fear that it will soon wear off and just slow down the action .. some tricks shouldn't be used excessively; imagine watching the entire Matrix in bullet-time.

considering that i'd be wasting 24 hours of my precious life if this turns out to suck, i would like a word of advise from my american fellow pimps: is it worth watching?

Oh, it's worth watching. things seem to slow down a little, but that can easily be explained by the fact that Jack's already been up for more than 24 hours and is getting tired, but it picks up again afterwards, not to mention the fact that it's insanely unpredictable and has many, many great twists(an occasional not so great twist, but that's to be expected). I'd watch it just so I'd understand the last 12 hours which are action packed and very intellectual at the same time.

Oh and no, the concept will not ware off at all.


KILL EM ALL | - 09.26.2002
archived news - up
Im tired of hearing talk talk talk about this iraqi bullshit!

All these damn pacifist pukes 'oohh no war for 9/11... lets just sit back and take anuder hit' dumbasses.
What the hell are these peoples problems? I guess theyve never been punched in the mouth, I meen, I know When I get into a fight where i didnt throw the first punch, Im not going to sit back and take a beating. Did we sit back and take it when pearl harbor got bombed? Nope. We sent in the Marines to take care of the attacker. Last time I checked, that solved the problem rather well.

I guess ill get down off my high horse before I kill someone.

Anybody played the new sims mod?

I suppose ousting the tailban was not reacting? I dunno, I don't think anythings gonna stop Bush from operation finish daddys war, so fuck it. And your lying to yourself if you think its about anything other than oil...

Charging in gung-ho is really going to quell anti-american hatred in that area of the world. Atleast have some temperance, for God's sake let's hope Bush has some.

Earth and Beyond | - 09.24.2002
archived news - up
Well, it's launch day for Earth and Beyond the space MMORPG. and we also have our first review for this title. The score on this review? 91% and an editor's choice award, not to mention the fact that the review called Earth and Beyond "possibly the best MMORPG to date". But then again it all boils down to how much stock you put in the reviewers from Firing Squad. Anyway, I should get my free copy by the end next week. I might even give a personal review of the finished product, who knows.

I must admit I know very little about the game, so I won't comment on qualities or potential, but I hope it can stand up to the coming competition from Star Wars: Galaxies, Everquest 2 and World Of Warcraft... Should make for an exciting matchup for sure

SW:G - early to mid 2003 release(they're not that close....)
Everquest 2 - 4th quarter 2003(not competition in the strictest sense)
World of Warcraft - Beta starts 2003(could be untill 2004 before we see this one)

So you see there's very little in the way of competition for Earth and Beyond that will be released at all soon. I've heard from people in SW:G beta that it may look pretty sitting still, but moving around ain't so great and looking at the latest stills, most of the early Generals stuff looks better. The closest competion is EVE: the second gathering. I'm not sure on their suspected release date, but it looks nice, but aparently very little functions smoothly in it. who knows.


ack | - 09.24.2002
archived news - up
i've got to be up in less than four hours, and i have nwn to blame for it.

(btw, i got nwn today!)

i'm going to play through the campaign with a mate from uni so let the geek factor ensue ("i cast magic missle", heh)

i am having a hard time creating a character. I'd be a paladin, but i want my character to be chaotic good (paladins must be lawful good) - in every rpg i've played previously i've been a wizard, but im a bit over that. im toying with the concept of a ranger, or maybe just a plain old fighter (using the commander pack.) I would still however like to be able to cast some spells...

those of you who got nwn a while back, please pass on char generation thoughts and ideas.

k thx

music | - 09.23.2002
archived news - up
after a day of playing with other peoples computers, the last thing I generally want to do after a day of work is sit in front of my own. thankfully, mixmag arrived at my front door after an exciting (i'd assume) yet lenghty (sif i would bother to pay to get it air mailed down - everything in au is 2 months behind the uk anyway) journy from the otherside of the world.

the issue (august 02) comes with an awesome cover cd - the best of ibiza trance 2002 that ranks up there with my other favourite mixmag covers - block party, i love 1992 and planet progressive. i'd get the mag for the cover cd alone if it wasnt such a great read...

audioslave's (basically, the new ratm) album is coming out soon. its all over kazaa, but the signal to noise ratio means that its not really worth the effort to get it yet...

ferry corsten is out in au in about a month. will be @ gas on november the 1st - cant wait!

Well audioslave formally called Citizen, is made up of the three remaining members of RATM, if the demo's for citizen are any indication, they sound nothing like RATM did.

re: Blizzard announcement 2 | - 09.20.2002
archived news - up
You guys are correct. This info has been coming around for a while now. PB (our ever man lovin server admin) had a conversation with blizz about it at e3 due to the people we know. Unfortunately he was put under an NDA on it. That is not supposed to wear out until this VERY day.. Wonder what they are going to announce (rolls eyes) Its hella funny really each year we run into the same guys and they are ever so nice to us. You guys can stop scratching ur arse on this one. But to be honest after seeing generals Blizz has its work cut out for them.

re: Blizzard announcement | - 09.20.2002
archived news - up
Starcraft: Ghost it is then. A Starcraft-flavoured console shooter in the vein of Renegade... I'm guessing all the people who were sure that Starcraft 2 was underway are already planning DoS attacks or anthrax packages against Blizzard for the pre-announcement hype, but they'll survive this one too. Am I disappointed? Well, a bit, but I still have World Of Warcraft to look forward to, so I'll manage fine, thank you.

I'm going to bed.

edit: On a side note, this is the first time since around 1999 that there are four different posters in the headlines box :)

They think they can manage to not port it to the PC, but my bet is that there will be so many fanboys whining that they will eventually end up with at least a PC release. Unless Blizzard is trying to destroy their fanbase....

Starcraft 2 Anyone? | - 09.19.2002
archived news - up
Chances are it's just about to be announced, 9 hours from the time this update was posted. It's a well known fact that Blizzard were going to be making a product announcment in Tokyo on friday and all bets are off considering whats at

Or is it a Blizzard trick? I guess I'll ind out when i wake up in the morning. Night all! just points to the Blizzard main site, and has done so since 1999. gives you the same countdown. That said, Starcraft 2 is the best I can hope for conserning this announcement, since Diablo 3 seems out of the picture (for this announcement, not entirely... I hope). I'll cross my fingers

Warcraft III expansion?

Maybe, but it seems like an awful amount of hype for an expansion pack everyone know will come out anyway... For all the theories and some proof to back them up, there's a forum thread you can read over here. The console FPS set in the Starcraft universe is what I find most believable at the moment, but who knows...

Update: Well, every single fan site covering Blizzard games and even itself are currently being stressed to the limit and access is sporadic at best... All gamers' eyes all over the world are trained on this for the next 24 hours.

Well everyone but mine :) lol

Free Stuff!!!! | - 09.19.2002
archived news - up
WHEEEEEEE!!!!!! (this post has been brought to you by the letters W, and S. don't foget my giddyness too....)

Our secret has been discovered... | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
Quote from today's Penny Arcade:

So, eh, whaddya do. Maintain a generally cynical air and stoke a rabid xenophobia that borders on a mental disorder.

We all know that Mark and I had that philosophy long before Tycho even thought about it. Which brings me to Biochemistry.

Second test of the week, thought it would be easy. Boy was I mistaken. The prof assured us that the questions would be multiple choice and true/false. What are they? Short answer and a megamatching column. Talk about a dick. On top of that, it was NOTHING that was in the notes or was talked about in class (class, by the by, consists of him reading straight from the notes). Again, a dick move. Talking with my classmates, I don't think any of us got above a 30% on that test, which just goes to show. He's also not a real prof here, he's on loan from SUNY. I figure I'll threaten him with Shirley Ann Jackson on friday, and I bet he'll change his mind quicker than Bush can declare war.

flutter flutter goes the double-space fairy :)

Ach, he returns!

JenniCAM | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
I can't belive this is still around.

Remember, once upon a time this was actually a pretty noteworthy site. Originally, the thought of such a concept was ground-breaking, leading edge and an indication of how the Internet was going to revolutionise the world. This was, of course during the 96-98 period when all was new and exciting.

I don't think I've visited that site since 1998 or something, and its pretty interesting to compare thoughts on it then and now. These days she's just another camwhore with a boring journal - there must be 10000 others out there which will show you naughtier pictures. Back then people lined up to sign up a membership, and countless articles were written about that one site alone.

How the Internet has changed. And how it must be a fall back down to reality (or perhaps a nice change) to no longer be one of the most prominent Internet celebrities out there.

I even remember her being on the Late show with Jay Leno, or maybe it was David Letterman, but none the less it was a big deal back in the day....

another ut2003 thought | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
I was watching some ut demo's just now (there was nothing in the pact that i made with myself that stated i would play UT) and i just had another important thought related to ut2003 (see below) - they really need to change their voice actor. the 'head shot' and 'killing spree' sounds in ut were just so pure, and the ut2003 ones are a poor imatation.

the sound affects make the difference - ulling off a head shot in the middle of a melee (note, im trying to make it clear that im not a camping fagot) makes me jump up and down in ut, yet whenever it happens in ut2003 i just feel like shrugging my shoulders and continuing on.

epic --> better voice actors please

Yes people who camp do suck. In bombing run half the time at least half the team is on the opposite side of the ball doing absolultely no good. I might have to stop playing the game because people piss me off to much and I start throwing things and my moniter....damn the people that make good games shitty to play

Quick Poll | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
Assuming that you visit slashdot, when reading the comments, do you read;
a) The -1 Troll / -1 Offtopic / -1 Flamebait comments first
b) The 4+ comments first
c) Comments in chronlogical order

I think the way you would answer this poll says a lot about your character.

I of course answer 'a.' Infact, my only purpose when visiting slashdot is so i can read -1 posts, its kinda my bi-weekly dose of geek humor. here's a tip, comments related to microsoft stories are always the best.

new email addy | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
(that i never plan to use)

i couldnt believe no-one had claimed the address ( was taken though.)

if you dont appreciate where im coming from, go and download 'speed racer' by alpha team (get the porn mix) via your file sharing application of choice.

UT 2003 | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
I have this huge 3000-4000 word report that i've got to have finished up by the end of tomorrow. It's about 9pm now, so I have plenty of time, yet as I havenít actually started yet, I've imposed a ban on UT2003 until I get it done. So I figured I'd just talk about it instead.

Where to begin? The weapons are an early choice, and especially worthy of mention as they've become significantly tuned from UT. Obviously the big cut down was on the spam factor. The razor was cut altogether, and fair enough as it was the biggest offender on the spam chart, and the area affect of rl and flak have been toned down too. I really like the rl in ut2003 - it's a bit faster than ut's making it quite similar to q3 (or perhaps, more similar) - it's a really good weapon at mid-range if you're good at prediction. I don't however like the alt-fire too much, i've found myself a couple of times alt-firing to spam a get away just to fire a rocket, rather than the grenade i had hoped for.

flak is toned down a little. in ut it was one of my favorite weapons, however in 2003 its a purely close range weapon (as it should be, i guess) but because of this i'll hardly be running around with it 24/7. shock is pretty similar - the alt fire seems a bit slower, but its one of my favorite weapons so far.

there's not much more thatís worthy of note... i've been using lightning quite a bit on asbestos, those long straight passageways call for an easy head shot or two.

the other main thing anyone will notice coming from ut is the changed movement. i didnít dodge much in ut, but i've found myself doing so a heap in 2003, especially the dodge jump which i'll use if i want to retreat. you can also, obviously fly around the map if you double jump. there's been a lot of talk about how you can get awesome height by jumping of lifts, probably mainly from the q3 camp - it was exactly the same in ut.

as far as maps go i think they're only just a little better than average. some of the ffa maps in dm were awesome (deck, for example). apart from being 'outside' i think antalus isnít all that special - a good place to play around with the movement perhaps, but not approaching awesome, despite the fact that there's probably a heap of cool tricks hidden around. i donít mind asbestos though, its my kind of map. i'll do quite a bit better in ffa rankings on asbestos, than antalus (but the same thing was pretty true in ut - i always did shit at liandri or morpheus.)

other random thoughts
- like everyone's said, players tend to hide a bit too much into the environment
- i'm a bit iffy about adrenaline, it feels like another feature for the sake of a feature.
- i've only played ctf and bombing run against bots, as theyíre not really where my interests lie. good for a bit of a diversions, however the bombing run map feels a little plain.

i will however, but this game the day it comes out, and probably play it to death.

from the ashes | - 09.18.2002
archived news - up
Team lp cs (yes thats COUNTER-STRIKE TIM) has arisen from the ashes. After a sweet summer with lots of nice victories under our belt we, well ceased to be around the end of August due to everyone in our clan going off to college. At first we lost apollo, psyco, happy as well as speedy leaving whitey and myself. Slowly, however, the team realized the errors in their ways and psyco came back to active status as well as speedy and as of today happy too. We also recruited an awesome new player, shupa, as our main 5th (happy still can't be fully active).

Our first night playing as a clan again went pretty well having won a quick scrim against 7ds on dust2 13-11 then losing out on aztec 11-13. A slight side note, the second match they had a ringer who happened to be from this clan (ugs-i..hold me). Either way not a bad start.

Our first match is next wednesday for cal-o. You can check us out here until I get the new site up. Show some love and idle in #clanlp in gamesnet east while you're at it :)

had to make a new logo and I just coudldn't resist the nipple


subdomain | - 09.17.2002
archived news - up
dearest mike,
i seem to have misplaced my subdomain.
have you seen it around?

If it was inactive it will have been deleted, if you just lost your ftp info let me know.

it seems to have been deleted, though it wasn't at all inactive .. had a nice kangaroo pr0n site going there. can i apply for a new one, or did my counter strike-bashing make me a persona non grata around here (judging from eric's post ..)? ;)

wvu tim :) and btw thanks for spamming my quarterly post off the top so fast mike :(


Time to remind you... | - 09.16.2002
archived news - up
that our site is, in fact, not the oddest one on the internet. If you don't find anything disturbing on the surface, you're not probing deep enough obviously.

Now on a serious note, I have an ACS (American Chemical Society) draft report due for one of my chemistry classes tomorrrow. Do I a) do it well ahead of time, and research well or b) wait until 12 hours before its due and pull an all nighter. The answer is quite obvious my friends. Some day my procrastination will be the death of me, or if I work at a food company, perhaps the death of you.

Its All about the "probing", Specially with Mark.

I am the eggman | - 09.15.2002
archived news - up
They are the eggman
I am the Walrus

Re: UT2003 Demo | - 09.14.2002
archived news - up
Well after a couple hours of playing the demo I can say it rocks. I am one of the few people who never played either unreal or UT, so this is new. It looks good, fun to play expecially the bombing run shit, can't wait for more than one map heh. It does remind me of quake 3, expecially the CTF which is just a big deathmatch with a flag, though I guess thats how it always is except in Team Fortress.. There was a couple things I didn't like, but it sure is damn back to playing.

UT2003 Demo! | - 09.13.2002
archived news - up
omg its almost here!!!$@!%$!#%!$!#$

"go outside get fresh air its 5+ hours away" <-- cliffyb's webcam

Re Cam: Hmmm let me check that @ work :) I would Never abuse my powers no really, no I mean it!...../ducks

tired | - 09.12.2002
archived news - up
printf() is sexy, cout sux0rs.

thats all

Thankyou! | - 09.12.2002
archived news - up
I would like to publically thank procrastination for allowing me to be up at a silly time enjoying this coffee with the majority of a c++ assign still to do.

the coffee is really nice!

l337 updating | - 09.11.2002
archived news - up
"Last and most interesting XCC posted screens for there up comeing Gamespy wich allows you to see replays from RA2 games."
Source: The new and "improved"

Hey Everyone what a change its green now! (rolls eyes)

Yup, months of hard work to change a color, I wonder how long it would take for a new layout?

KILL! | - 09.10.2002
archived news - up
GAAAH! Popups on our sacred retreat from reality! Die, cursed spawns of satan!

*sniff* | - 09.10.2002
archived news - up
"no soup for you today mike", says karma. music piracy is bad.

going from a really awesome mp3 collection, to a 200 meg 'stuff i hadn't sorted yet after downloading in kazaa' collection is comparable to going from going out with gwen stefani, and then being forced to go out with eric's mom, i would assume. in any light it isnt any fun and makes me want to cry.

please hand me a tissue.

Dude, don't insult eric's mom, we all KNOW she's better than Gwen Stefani in bed. Seriously though, my usual trick is to back up my winamp play list onto a floppy (I am a poor bastard and have no cdrom drive), and then recompiling it by hand if I have a crash. A pain in the ass, but it works. You're welcome to leech off our mp3s until you get back on your feet.


UT! | - 09.10.2002
archived news - up
Despite Tim's belittling comments the other day I have continued to foster my addition to UT. I got it back on my machine today, marking the one week anniversary of not having played it due to my HD dying. I'd love to get into some BF1942 loving, but with a heap of uni work due this week, I just don't have the time for a second love.

Needless to say that after only a week I was quite out of form, getting owned pretty hardcore - something that i'll attribute more on being tired (getting up for work in the morning sucks...) than my week off. Regardless, I pulled off some pretty nice shock combo's - at one stage schooling one of the god's on the server, following which earning props which was nice.

I also installed a demo browser, because Epic's built in support is shit. Demo support in UT is pretty fucked, for most demo's you've got to go and manually find which custom files your missing (as you're generally watching files with pro settings, your install of UT has to be setup with them as well...) - they're great to watch though. If anyone in au wants to get some UT duel action happening, let me know... evening if you're not all that good, im not either and i've hardly had any duel experience.

In other news we had some dude in from Apple to teach me and a couple of other people at work some Mac stuff. TRAINING IS TEH SHIZNIT as you get paid to sit around and play with stuff. He brought in some iBook's, an iMac2 and a g4 (we already have one of those to play with at work though) and we mainly went through Final Cut Pro - which was great as I hadn't really done much video editing before. He had jaguar (os 10.2) installed on his machines, so i also got to look through the differences (not really worth the au$230 though?), windows networking support and a heap of other stuff.

i want an iBook, if only they werenít almost twice the price of good of decent pc laptops...

i was not belittling you, i was simply 'sarcastically questioning your taste in games'. you know i love you.


Hey, Muslim fucks | - 09.09.2002
archived news - up
I'd like to see you make me pray to allah WITH NO FUCKING TEETH!

Is it me or do I hear a song called "Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday" coming?

? | - 09.09.2002
archived news - up
you kids type too much.

Humm | - 09.08.2002
archived news - up
I need a utility to change my drive letters around... Anyone know of one?

wm: what OS are you using? - you shouldn't need a third party app. in 2k/xp its in admin tools --> computer management --> disk management and for 98 / me here's a helpful guide.

Ah, thank you, I'm stupid. Yeah, I use XP

Help! | - 09.07.2002
archived news - up
Does anyone have my password? I need it asap! If I'm not on MSN, send it to

my last hd post | - 09.06.2002
archived news - up
i'm sure everyone's sick to death of hearing about it.

i've spent two days now just trying to recover my shit - nothing else (those recovery tools take forever). i've kinda had some success, i mean things are by no means great with it, but im sure others have had far more devastating experiances when they're drives have died.

tomorrow im just going to go out and buy another 40 gig drive. i'd prefer not to spend the money, but fuck - one day i'll need that space anyway. then i'll image the disk and deal with it all later. the main problem i've had with the whole experiance is the time i've lost. i don't exactly have bounds of free time as it is, and losing what will be 2 days to this fucker was really something i could do without.

it's going to be a busy week...

anyway, enough bitching - its the weekend!

Hello from Linuxworld | - 09.05.2002
archived news - up

This is an update from Mozilla 1.1, running in Red Hat Linux 7.3. I'm taking classes in Unix shell programming this semester, so I figured I had to get something Unix-based up and running on my computer so I don't have to sit at school and telnet all my shit to the Unix server they have.

Anyway, this thing has really given me some ideas, and I'm currently figuring out how much cash I have left to spend, and putting together a server. I figure this machine will be running Windows most of the time (since I'm an avid gamer and all), and I really want a Linux box to run server software on (mySQL, Oracle, Apache, etc, etc) and also to maybe use as a gateway for my Windows box... And I say higher powers bless the Asus A7N mainboards... It utilizes nVidias nForce chipset, and holds onboard sound, 10/100 ethernet and a GeForce2 chip. Perfect for a little Linux box. And it's Micro ATX, which means that I may just throw it into a desktop cabinet to save space.


wm: why not just piece together a p133 machine with 32 megs of ram? if you"re just going to use it as a gateway, sif you need a gui and you would save a heap of cash - you dont even really need a video card.

57000 files recovered | - 09.04.2002
archived news - up
Thats 37 gigs worth of data with meaningless file names, but as far as I can tell correct extensions. i'm just writing all my .docs (about 300 meg) but i need to find another drive to write all of the other data too.

this is enough computer issues for one night. i might chuck all of my spare drives into another computer and share them, hopefully i'll have enough room to restore everything.

then i get to sort through and rename 57000 files! sounds like a heap of fun...

could be worse, i guess.

They could all be in french!

antony > you | - 09.04.2002
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unless your name starts with an 'm'!

on my main machine at home i have two hard disks. i have a 10 gig hd where winxp and all my apps reside, and then i have a 40gig hd which is full of mp3's and all the things you collect over a decade of computer use (assignments, webpages, documents etc.)

this evening i booted my computer to find that xp decided that this disk was now 'Unallocated.' Given the option of jumping off a high cliff or trying to recover my data bit by bit, i thankfully chose the latter and antony pointed me in the direction of easyrecovery. I've installed it, and its currently scanning (which will take like an hour) but at least its finding files... the only downside is that it doesnt know their file names so there will be much sorting ahead. i cant have it all my own way...

after its scanned, i'm not exactly sure if it will fix everything up for me and restore the disk, or if i'll have to copy them somewhere else. i guess i'll find out in about 50 mins. in the end though, it may not be the catastrophe that i originally thought...

this is like the third major hd issue i've had in a year... im not pleased.

regardless, mA$$1v3 pr0p$ t0 teh l33t hax0r @nt0ny f0r s0rt1ng m3 0ut!!!#!@$!%!!$#!$%!$!#

EasyRecovery owns, but take heed... Last time my disk crashed, I used ER to recover whatever I could, and it only managed to make sense of the files that were *in sequence*, meaning the files that were there the last time I defragmented. So I hope you do that regularly. It found lots of files from after my defrag too, but 99% of them were screwed. They had the file name and file type, but the contents of the files were random data. Good luck to ya, I know how you feel

wm: hmmm, seems you're right. i'm actually having a look at what its getting and it aint much more than 300 meg .wav's and .bmp's. my word files seems to have faired fairly well, due to their small file sizes (which would make sence in relation to how you say it only gets files that are in sequence) but its bye bye everything else. i should have stayed in bed...

online gaming | - 09.03.2002
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while mike is still trying to master a 3 year old game (his mom tells me he's always been a slow learner), i've been using some of my scarce free time to play two newer online first person shooters, being america's army: operations and battlefield 1942 (mp demo).

america's army has been fun so far. here we have a free game, developed with a big budget (thank you, u.s. taxpayers) using one of the most advanced 3D enignes (ut2003) that is expanded regularly. sounds good, doesn't it?

it is good. when your team is working together (and this actually happens quite often), gameplay is intense and exciting. the near-to-real realism is probably the game's biggest plus (i know some people here won't l0ve me for saying, but the fan-proclaimed 'most realistic' fps out there, counter-strike, is about as realistic as the idea of mike actually getting it on with a woman), finally ridding servers of duel-hopping, rocket-jumping, knife-dueling bastards. most of the levels are well-designed and the weapon and player models look excellent.

the game does have it flaws though. passing some of the training missions depends more on luck than on skills and the out-game menu does not exactly excel in beauty or user-friendliness. not being able to start a server from within the game (you have to launch it seperately) is also not the best way to get people to support your game by hosting a server.

and then there is battlefield 1942. while its concept is great, this game is lacking 'coherence'. it just feels chaotic, almost as if being able to wreck havoc by foot, plane, ship and tank is a bit too much for one game (note that operation flashpoint has proven it can be done right). you'll still see me playing this one though, not because it's such a great co-operative, team-based game, but because it's so much fun piloting a mustang straight into a japanese aircraft carrier.

between these two, my vote goes to aa. still, it seems like the gaming community has allready chosen the latter as its favourite. aa has been around for somewhat 50 days now and has a little less than 300 servers running it, where bf1942 has been around much shorter and already has 700+ servers supporting it.

shows to see, there's no argueing taste.

ps: here's something i didn't want to keep from you. my birthday is november 17th, just so you know.

wm: he's right, CS isn't realistic at all...

Everyone knows it's not realistic, and those who don't are usually americans.

Duh, it's obviously realistic. I see people survive shotgun shells to the face all the time.

The Cargo Box is More Useful Anyways | - 09.03.2002
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Good. If they let this fruit into space, you know britney spears wouldn't be far behind. Contrary to Mark and I's eventual plan to put all idiots on the moon, this one is just plain stupid. You can't give them free reign or they'll find a way to bring the ISS crashing into Florida or something.

For many of us, the time is again upon us where college (or Uni if you prefer) puts a serious damper on CS playing, sleeping, and heckling the neighborhood idiots. I have four and one half hour labs twice every week. Tell me that isn't uncalled for. Going into junior year, it's interesting to see the sudden shift in focus in my classmates. They're all suddenly very serious about their work, which makes me more than a little worried for my own future (I continue to slack). I keep wondering when I'm actually going to feel like a I'm doing professional work, rather than just going through the motions of high school chemistry.

PS Is it just me, or does lance look like more retarded than usual with his arms cocked like that?

why were you drooling? | - 09.03.2002
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i'd be interested to know.

my machine seems to have taken a liking to locking up around once every half an hour - and i can't work out why. it's beginning to piss me off. if it happens again i might clock my duron back to 850. the concept of finding myself back in that 20th century world of cpu speeds that are measured using that megahertz unit thing is scary.

im kinda sorta maybe becomming alright at UT at long last. i'd hope so with the amount i'm playing. i'm generally finding myself at, or near the top of the best of the rest, nowhere near the godlike player that owns the entire server, but at least i seem to be killing others more than they kill me.

movies like the one shinano just posted at CCU are what makes me look forward to generals. it was the concept of travelling around the desert with fun (basically) contemporary units breaking stuff that really attracted me to c&c. an awesome sound track would be nice too - but it's probably asking to much to expect tracks like 'just do it' and 'warfare' to ever appear in a game again.

at one point the commentator (harvard?) notes something like - this mission is certainly favourable for tanks. it's this kind of stuff that does disapoint me, no matter how good generals looks. sure, they used the bomber and rangers, but the level was really just about brute force. how can we expect the multiplayer to be anything but a tank rush fest (again) when WW can't even create a single player level where its not the best strat to use. when that bomber came in, it would have been nice if it was called by the computer instead, and owning the player for amasing so many tanks in one spot.

and the game better not become a 'america is the best! we all love you america! long live the free democracy!' fest either. i hope they treat china and the gla in a fair light too.

there will be no 'planes dropping from the sky' disaster in sim city 4000. who couldn't see that coming.

Go and download yourself Soldat. It's basically a deathmatch style shooter from a 2d scroller perspective. simple and a heap of fun. rather than playing against the ai you can play others online too...

Apparently it was a tank-fest because it's the first mission, and easy on newbies. Still, I know what you mean, it's so hard to prevent tanks from owning a game and yet still make it realistic. Still I should give this a rest or I'll have no CCU material. In other news, Mark is now consistently beating me in CS, I fear for my soul.

... | - 09.02.2002
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Urg... i have to be at work in less then 7 and one half hours! Why am i drooling?

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